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2015 Membership Now Open!

Membership for 2015 opened at our November meeting. You may pay for membership online, at our December 11th Holiday Meeting/Party, or at any guild meeting or event.

Become a member of PMQG! 
PMQG Membership for 2015 is now open!
Membership Options:
  • 2014  pro-rated membership from now through the end of 2014 is $25
  • 2014 pro-rated + 2015 membership is available now for $60
  • 2015 membership will remain at $40
You may pay for membership at any guild meeting. Membership for 2015 will be $40 if paid by cash or check. There is a small service fee when paying by card online. Cards are also accepted at meetings, or you may pay by check or cash without a service fee at any guild meeting or other guild event. If you would like to become a member at a meeting, you do not need to click the link below.
Click on the link if you would like to pay online with a credit or debit card, or if you are sending a check. There is no need to fill out the form if you are planning on paying at a meeting.

2015 PMQG Membership Application

You may pay online by debit or credit card and your membership card will be sent to you. Paying online includes a small service fee. After completing the application you will see the link to pay via Square Marketplace.
You may also pay by check, please click the link above to submit your application and then mail your check in to:

Portland Modern Quilt Guild
P.O. Box 6431
Portland, OR 97228
Members enjoy discounts at local and online vendors, special pricing on guild events, and the satisfaction of supporting this wonderful organization. We include links to member blogs on the left hand side of our page, opportunities for swaps, challenges, meet-ups, sew days and more!

PMQG members receive discounts from these sponsors:

Bolt Fabric Boutique--10% off purchases Fabric Depot--25% off purchases at Fabric during the entire weekend of Open Sew Days (must pick up coupon at Special Orders desk and be prepared to show PMQG card)
Joann Fabrics (registration required here)--10% off purchases
Just Quilting--20% off per hour when you rent a long arm machine to do your own quilting
Modern Domestic--10% off purchases (machines and frame quilting excluded) Sometimes Crafter Longarm Quilting--30% off long arm services

 New Business Memberships/Sponsorships for 2015
      We now have 4 different levels of business sponsors and members so that we can fit the needs of our various sponsor types, and sizes of their companies       Also, with this plan we can have more than the business members of the previous years (had a waiting list for business members last year, it was a popular program!)        None of these will include a single, personal membership, if business members plan on attend meetings and events they can purchase a regular membership separately        All business members and sponsors will still be listed on the Sponsor page of the guild blog
Friendship Star Business Sponsorship
•Business Sponsors donate items for meetings and special events •Listed on the Sponsor page of our blog
•The guild is happy to share Business Sponsor donations via social media

Flying Geese Business Member

      For Long Arm businesses 
      $60 per year 
      Business listed on blog sidebar 
      Business name given out by guild when we are asked for suggestions for long arm quilters 
      Business may post to the guild FB wall (business blog/website links, sales, etc). 
      Responsible for quilting 2 or more charity quilts per year for the guild. When quilt is finished, long armer can show the quilt at show and tell and have the opportunity to share about their business then.

Log Cabin Business Member

      Quilt related business (non-long armer) 
      $100 per year 
      Business listed on blog sidebar 
      Business name given out by guild when we are asked for suggestions for that particular business (fabric store, etc). 
      Business may post to the guild FB wall (business blog/website links, sales, etc). 
      Responsible for helping guild out with giveaway items at least twice a year—door prizes for meetings (around 4-6 donated items/prize packs in the range of $5-$10 each for each of 2 meetings) and/or goodie bag or door prize items for retreats in an equivalent amount. 
      May have their own table to sell products at the Holiday Swap and Sell.

Dresden Plate Business Member

      Quilt related business (non-long armer) 
      $200 per year
      Business listed on blog sidebar 
      Business name given out by guild when we are asked for suggestions for that particular business (fabric store, etc). 
      Business may post to the guild FB wall (business blog/website links, sales, etc). 
      Responsible for helping guild out with giveaway items at least twice a year—door prizes for meetings (around 4-6 donated items/prize packs in the range of $5-$10 each for each of 2 meetings) and/or goodie bag or door prize items for retreats in an equivalent amount. 
      May have their own table to sell products at the Holiday Swap and Sell. 
      Makes a 10 minute presentation on their business at a meeting during the year. 

Click on the link if you would like to pay for a business sponsorship pay online with a credit or debit card, or if you are sending a check. If you are planning on paying at a meeting, there is no need to fill out this form.

2015 Business Member Application

Paying online includes a small service fee. After completing the application you will see the link to pay via Square Marketplace.

2014 Membership, Meetings, and Sew Days

We're excited for the new year with PMQG! Here are some important details and dates about the coming year.

Membership for 2014 opened up at our December meeting. Membership for 2014 will be $40. This is the first time we have raised our membership rates, and this increase is due to joining the MQG officially, as well as now having to pay for a meeting space every month.

Ways to pay for membership:
  • Bring cash or check in the amount of $40 to any meeting
  • Pay via debit or credit at any meeting. A service fee of $1.50 will be added.
  • Pay online via Square. After filling out this membership application you will be given the Square link. A service fee of $1.50 will be added.
2014 Online Membership Application
(no need to click the link if you are paying at a meeting, we will collect your info there!

What you get with membership:
  • Free monthly Sew Days
  • Name Badge
  • Discounts to our numerous sponsors (2014 discounts and sponsors TBA)
  • Official MQG membership
  • Ability to take part in official MQG challenges
  • Community!
Our 2014 meetings will be held at St. Andrews Church

806 NE Alberta Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97211

Meeting dates for the year (please note, we will be off our usual schedule for the first several months)

Meetings are held at 7 pm unless otherwise noted

2014 meetings  held at St. Andrews Church unless otherwise noted  
Thurs., Jan 9th 
Tues., Feb 18th
Thurs., March 20th
Thurs, April 24th
Back to third Thursday: 
Thurs., May 15th  
Thurs., June 19th  
Thurs., July 17th
Thurs., August 21st  (park, Details TBA)  
Thurs., September 18th  
Thurs., October 16th  
Thurs., November 20th
and the second Thursday: 
Thurs., December 11th

Special Shopping Event on Meeting days this year:

Modern Domestic Day-of-Meeting Specials--With your PMQG membership card, check for special deals at Modern Domestic, located on Alberta street near St. Andrews. The January 9th meeting Shop Hop deals is: 20 % off fabric, notions, thread, books, patterns, and accessories.

2014 Fabric Depot Sew Days:

9 am to 9 pm unless otherwise noted

January 4th
February 22nd (4th Saturday, 12:30 pm to 9 pm)
March 1th
April 12th (2nd Saturday)
May 3rd
June 7th
July 5th
August 2nd
September 6th
October 4th
November 1st
December TBA

Fabric Depot Sew Days are for Open Sew. Bring your machines, machine cords, extension cords, projects, rulers and cutting mats and irons. Tables, cutting counters, and ironing boards are provided. Free for PMQG Members and $10 for guests.

MQG Membership

PMQG members: We are voting at our June 20th meeting!
PMQG members will vote on when our guild will join the MQG: membership is available in July for the 2nd half of 2013 and in December for 2014. You must be a paid PMQG member and be present at our June 20th meeting to vote. Individual Memberships will also be available in July and December.

Last month, MQG founder Alissa Haight Carlton presented the details of MQG membership to our guild. Here is a recap of her presentation, from a document provided by the MQG.

MQG Membership FAQs
The Big Picture
by Alissa Haight Carlton

Q: What is the mission statement of the Modern Quilt Guild?
A: Our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern
quilting through art, education, and community.

Q: Why is membership to the MQG being formalized?
A: The MQG has grown exponentially since the first MQG was founded by Alissa Haight
Carlton and Latifah Saafir in Los Angeles in October 2009. Through blogs and the
internet, word spread quickly and soon guilds started popping up everywhere. The
original founders of the MQG provided support and guidance to these new groups.

In 2010, the founding members brought together a group of dedicated guild members
from across the country to form the initial MQG board. The goal was simple: determine
what local guilds wanted and needed from a national organizational structure. Did
they even want one at all?

The feedback came via member surveys, social media, the MQG leadership forum and
a pilot membership program made up of five MQGs. The priorities emerged: members
wanted community connections and communication, education, a better way to
manage membership, support in forming and running local guilds, and an easy way for
their guild to acquire 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

QuiltCon 2013 emerged as the vehicle by which the board could fund the work and
infrastructure needed to meet these objectives.
The board was expanded to bring on expertise in the areas of accounting, software,
and industry relations. An attorney was engaged to continue the 501(c)(3) application
process, a new website was born, and a membership program is being rolled out to
formalize the structure of the organization.

Work is ongoing to support the work of local MQGs and build a strong, thriving
international organization that supports the MQG’s mission to encourage the growth
and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community.

Q: What are the basic requirements for a local group to join the MQG?
A: A local guild will need to develop and adopt a set of bylaws, elect officers, acquire
an EIN, and open a bank account. In addition, the fiscal year must match the MQG’s
fiscal year of January 1 to December 31 and the bylaws must contain some specific
language (outlined in a separate document). These are also the prerequisites to qualify
for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status through the MQG’s group exemption.

Q: How much are dues?
A: Individuals not affiliated with a local guild can join the MQG for $25 per year. Local
MQG’s will pay a flat annual fee based on the number of members in their group:
10 - 15 members: $ 150
16 - 25 members: 250
26 - 35 members: 400
36 - 45 members: 550
46 - 55 members: 700
56 - 65 members: 850
66 - 75 members: 1,000
76 - 90 members: 1,150
91+ members: 1,275
International fees are 35% less.

Q: Why are international dues discounted?
A: The board considers the initial launch of guild activities to be heavily centered in the
United States and therefore determined it appropriate to discount dues for international

Q: What if my guild signs up with 23 members for 2013 and adds 5 members before the
end of the year? How will our dues increase?
A: Your dues will increase the next enrollment period in January 2014. You can add and
remove members over the course of the year without any changes in cost.

Q: How was the amount of dues determined? Why are they so reasonable? Why are
they so expensive? (yes, we’ve gotten both of these questions!)
A: Dues represent about 10-15% of the projected income of the MQG in 2013.
Remaining expenses will be funded from revenue generated by activities like QuiltCon
and the SewDowns. The goal was to make dues both reasonable and affordable while
still providing needed funding for the operational budget of the organization.
We’d like to think that the MQG’s mission alone is reason enough to support the
organization but we’re realists too. To encourage guilds to join, the board has spent
considerable effort in devising a value-packed list of member and guild benefits which
we think far exceeds the cost of dues paid. We believe the combination of an
awesome mission and a compelling line-up of member activities, opportunities for
connecting within the MQG community, and guild benefits like 501(c)(3) status will
make our organization strong and ready to spread the word of modern quilting

Q: What are the deadlines for joining?
A: For guilds joining in 2013, dues will be pro-rated for a half-year period from July 1 to
December 31. Existing guilds will have until December 2014 to join. Benefits are listed

Q: Our guild is lacking bylaws which is required for membership? Where can we go to
get help in creating these?
A: Several samples of MQG bylaws have been posted on the website. We recommend
beginning with one as a template and modifying it as needed.

Q: Our guild doesn’t have an EIN, how do we get one?
A: Your guild can get can an EIN from the IRS. State requirements vary from state-tostate.
The IRS has information about getting an EIN here:

Q: Can a current guild join the MQG and still have local dues?
A: Absolutely. Local guilds retain complete ownership of setting local member dues.

Q: By aligning our fiscal year to the MQG do we have to have elections coordinate to
that year?
A: No. Your officers can run any start/end dates that you determine to be the best for
your local guild.

Q: If a guild chooses not to join can they still be a Modern Quilt Guild?
A: They will not be able to use the Modern Quilt Guild name. Being an official part of
the Modern Quilt Guild infers alliance with the mission of the MQG which includes a
commitment to the growth and development of modern quilting through art,
education, and community. Guilds are more formal than a sewing circle or club. If your
current group does not wish to join the formal structure of the MQG they can continue
with their current activities and should drop MQG from their name.

Q: Will individual members have access to the website to access guild challenges?
A: Yes. Individual members will have all the same benefits as members of local guilds.
An Individual Group is planned for the website for members that are not affiliated with a
local guild.

Q: What are additional benefits of joining the MQG?
A: Guild and Individual Members will receive the following benefits:
- discounted entry fees for MQG quilt shows
- discounted rates on conferences and events
- priority and early-bird registration for conferences and events
- discounts and special offers with MQG sponsors, legal fees and affiliated companies
- permission to the The Modern Quilt Guild logo
- access to MQG Leaders only newsletter and forum
- membership cards
- official member blog button
- membership pins
- 10% discount on online MQG merchandise purchases

Q: If a member switches guilds mid-year (such as moving) or signs on as an individual
and later wants to join a guild, will you offer refunds?
A: No, members will need to pay the dues for the type of membership they would like.

Note: A separate document entitled Quilt Guilds as Nonprofit, Tax-Exempt Organizations
is available. It covers the nitty-gritty details of what being non-profit is, how the MQG’s
tax-exempt status is structured, and how your guild can take advantage of the group
exemption being offered by the MQG parent organization.

Q: Can we join without taking advantage of the 501(c)(3) status?
A: Guilds that already have non-profit status in place will not be required to file under
the parent organization’s group exemption option. Remaining guilds located in the
United States are required to take part in the 501(c)(3) group exemption. Guilds located
outside of the United States are exempt from this requirement. Since membership fees
cover the vast majority of operational costs beyond 501(c) there is no discount for
guilds who already have non-profit status in place.

Q: How quickly will our guild have 501(c) status after sending in our dues and
A: We plan to process membership as quickly as possible, preferably within 5 business
days, but it should be no longer than 21 business days depending on volume.

Constituent Relationship Management System (CRM)
Note: The CRM system will allow guild leaders the ability to track membership, take
payments, communicate with your guild through groups and newsletters, and plan
events with RSVPs. In addition, the social media hub will facilitate guild-to-guild
communication for planning meet ups and swaps, share photos of work, ask for advice,
and get information about MQG challenges.

Q: Will we need to maintain our own websites?
A: No. The MQG website will provide your guild with a web page where you can
announce events and post information for your members.

Q: Will we be able to link back to our blog that we already have established?
A: Yes. One of the features of the CRM is the ability to link your blog to the website.

Q: Will it have e-newsletter capabilities?
A: This feature is a requirement in our development project plan.

Member Information
Q: How will the MQG use and protect the personal information of members?
The MQG will never share or sell member's information with another organization or
company. Our membership database will never be shared or sold.
For some events we will offer the option to share email addresses of event registrants
only, but only if it is very clearly an option to approve or decline your participation and
people can opt out. You must opt-in for this, we will not share your email address
without your permission.

 The guild makes sure all of its communications are in compliance with the CAN-SPAM
Act as well as protecting members personal information as a top priority in our emails.

Future Plans of the Modern Quilt Guild
Q: What does the MQG have planned for the future?
A: The following events are currently scheduled:
- SewDowns - five all-inclusive weekend getaways that include 4 teacher led workshops.
Cities include Philadelphia, Portland, Nashville, Minneapolis, and Scottsdale.
- QuiltCon 2015
- Traveling Best of QuiltCon Show
- Quilt Market & Festival Showcase

Q: How many people do you anticipate the SewDowns to accommodate and how is it
decided who can attend? How much will it cost?
A: 80 attendees. It will be on a first come, first serve registration process with members
having the benefit of early bird registration. A flat amount of $750 per member/double
occupancy will include hotel, workshops with 4 instructors and food for the weekend.
Non-members will be $900 per person/double occupancy.

Organizational Structure
Q: How many people work for the guild?
A: Since September, 2012 the MQG has had two full-time employees. Alissa Haight
Carlton as the Executive Director and Heather Grant as the Director of Marketing and
Programming. Their hours will vary in 2013 as event planning ebbs and flows. Since April
2013, Jen Carlton Bailly works as the guild’s Communications Manager. We anticipate
hiring a bookkeeper in 2013.

Q: Will the annual budget be made available? What about minutes from board
A: Yes. This is also a requirement of being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Q: Will board members be elected by the membership in the future?
A: The board is currently developing a plan for member participation in the board
selection process. This is slated for rollout in 2014.

Ready, Set, Renew!

It's time to renew your membership for another year of quilty goodness--brought to you by your Portland Modern Quilt Guild.

As a special incentive to become a member in 2013, we'll have special "members-only" give-aways at our December meeting. Some of the items on our list (checkin' it twice) include:
  • "Modern Log Cabin Quilting" book by Susan Beal
  • "Sweetwater's Simple Home" book
  • "The Liberty of London Home Sewing" book
  • "Transparency Quilts" book
  • Goodie bag from Bolt
  • Comic book cardboards for fabric organizing
  • Fat quarter set from Sew, Mama, Sew
  • Gift certificate for quilting at Just Quilting from Nancy Stovall
Membership in the Portland Modern Quilt Guild is $25 per calendar year, beginning on January 1 and ending December 31, 2013. The fastest and easiest path to membership is through our website. Just click on the Membership page and use the Buy Now button.

Modern Log Cabin Quilting

New for 2013! PMQG Membership Directory. In response to requests from our members, you'll have the option of adding your name and e-mail address to a members-only directory. Only your name and e-mail, and only if you choose.

Your Portland Modern Quilt Guild
  • You can find friends who "get" it, who share the thrill of the {fabric} hunt, your latest treasure, and the finally(!) finished project.
  • Monthly meetings are chock full of quick tutorials, timely presentations and the much-anticipated "Show & Tell". And treats!--thanks to generous members.
  • Special guests like Kathy Miller, Angela Walters and Lisa Anne Logan, bringing the wide world of quilting to you.
  • Members are eligible for the free fabric challenges--in 2012 we had three!
  • Members can show with the guild--in 2012 our guild was represented at Sisters' Quilt Show, NW Quilt Expo, and special exhibits at Island Quilter and Quiltworks quilt shops.
  • Sew Days! This year we hosted six, including a special sew&swap day at Staver Locomotive.
  • Swaps, meet-ups and field trips with other Modern Quilt Guilds; this year included Kansas City, Vancouver BC, Bend, Seattle, Eugene, and Bend.
  • Special discounts at local fabric shops, PNCA classes and QuiltCon!

During our December meeting, you'll be able to renew your membership as part of the general festivities, and you can play along with your smart phone. If you want to avoid the rush, surf on over to our Membership page and click on the Pay Now button. Here's to another great year of quilting!

Are you a PMQG Member?

We’re soooo popular. Is it our high-energy meetings? Picnics in the park? Show and Tell? Or maybe has word gotten out about our great give-aways and member discounts. Whatever the reason, the PMQG roster has grown to more than 115 members--fifty-eight of those are new to the guild in 2012!

Almost half of our members have a {quilt-related}blog.

But of course we’re more than just numbers. We’re mostly women, but we do have three members who are men (and only one of them has a partner in the guild). Our members have shown they’re willing to go out of their way to come to a meeting. We live all over Oregon and Washington in Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver, Troutdale, Hillsboro, Salem, Lake Oswego, Astoria, Gresham, Oregon City, Neskowin, Ridgefield, Chehalis, LaCenter, Albany, Ocean Park and West Linn. 

Why join the Portland Modern Quilt Guild? All of our members can enjoy <!free!> All-Day-Sews, fabric challenges and discounts from our sponsors, including Sew Mama Sew, Modern Domestic, Joann Fabrics, Lark Cottons, PNCA, Bolt, Pendelton Woolen Mill Store, and SewPo. The PMQG is a chapter of the national MQG, and a Gold Needle Sponsor of Quiltcon--national benefits! We get invited to show our quilts at special exhibits, promoting our work and our style (and saving members entry fees, too).

Everyone is welcome at our monthly meetings, and we take membership applications throughout the year. The Paypal button on our website is the simplest way, and open 24/7, but you can also bring a check or cash to any of our meetings. Find our Treasurer (this year it’s Nancy Stovall) to get signed up.
During our December meeting-with-potluck we’ll have a membership event (think of a hundred-plus members all pushing the paypal button at one time) to kick off our FOURTH year! Fellowship, community, sharing, saving, education. It’s all here for you, so join us!

Bit of housekeeping

Welcome new members! I hear that a few of you still need to fill out our online membership form so we have your contact info - the sooner you fill them out the sooner you get the welcome email. And all members, you can use the form if you ever need to update your contact info with PMQG.

Around town:
PMQG member, Susan has two book signing's this weekend for her new book Modern Log Cabin Quilting -- Saturday 5-6 pm at Modern Domestic and Sunday at 4 pm at Powell's.

The exhibit, Weaving, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow has opened at The Museum of Contemporary Craft and runs until July.

And mark your calendars for First Thursday. PMQG has their first show at PNCA and it opens on Thursday, April 7. More details soon!

Become a Member!

We have great new membership cards designed by our own Katie Sciarrino just waiting for your names -- It's January and membership dues are due. At PMQG we've been working to make due-paying as easy as possible. You now have 3 ways to pay! Read more about the benefits of membership and how easy it is to join on our Membership Page.

See you tomorrow (Thursday) at our January Meeting - don't forget to RSVP.

A Happy Zombie Halloween at PMQG

Zombies and Halloween go together like pins and pincushions, so The Happy Zombie was the perfect choice for an October presentation to PMQG.  Of course, a little sustenance for our favorite zombie before the meeting seemed appropriate as 43 members settled in for an evening of fun, friends, fabric and inspiration!
Sweets and liquid courage supplied by Jen.

After new members and visitors were welcomed, Program Chair, Cherri Langley, announced that dues of $25 per year would start in January 2011.  Meetings will remain free; however, benefits of being a dues-paying member will include such perks as free all day sewing days, a mention in the blog sidebar, and discounts at fabric shops.  The dues will help fund special events (e.g., bringing in out-of-state speakers for workshops/trunk shows), paying national Modern Quilt Guild dues, etc.  Although the dues go into effect in January 2011, members may submit dues to Tamara (PMQG Treasurer) at the November meeting.

Michelle provided a Ten Minute Tute with an organizational theme.  Michelle does a lot of sewing in addition to quilting and came up with a system to organize the many different types of needles that she uses.  She uses notecards in a decorative box to keep the needles organized and handy.  Any needle still in use is stuck through the little piece of gray felt (appropriately enough for October, the felt is leftover from a previous year's Halloween costume).   For more information on types of needles and when to change them, Michelle provided these links:
Sewing Machine Needle Overview:
Machine Needle Overview:

Michelle also showed a beautiful binder that she uses for other sewing organizational and reference purposes, including a stitch sampler, pocket for her sewing machine manual, etc.  Thank you Michelle for sharing your functional and creative ideas!  Enjoy your gift certificate to Cool Cottons.

Monica was inspirational and entertaining, with plenty of amusing stories to tell.  Monica Solorio-Snow was discovered (much like Lana Turner) after years of drawing and playing around with design (since 7th grade in Mrs. Gruffman's class.  My apologies to Mrs. G. if the name is misspelled).  
Copies of Monica's Glow Happy quilt pattern were provided at the meeting.  

Monica designs for Lecien.  Her current line is Holiday Happy, with another line coming out in 2011.

The cute bag in Holiday Happy fabric was made for Monica by her friend and partner-in-crime, Pam (aka Pam Kitty Morning).

In addition to fabric, quilts, and other sewing projects, Monica showed the group some beautiful Lecien Cosmo embroidery floss and how to make a portable design wall.
Monica donated several giveaways for the evening, including fabric and the portable design wall!
Thank you, Monica, for great inspiration and keeping us in stitches! 

What could be in these plain, brown bags?

A variety of charming and colorful pincushions for a swap!  Here are just a few examples:

This is always a special part of the evening, and PNCA cooperated with a little Halloween-appropriate artwork in the background....  



 Back of Tracie's quilt.


 Back of Kristen's quilt.






 Mary Ann (Quilts for Kids kit)



Back of Jen's quilt.


Sprinkled throughout the evening were a variety of giveaways (with some donated by Monica and Elizabeth): fabric, a quilting magazine, fabric, the portable design wall, fabric, Elizabeth Hartman's book (The Practical Guide to Patchwork), fabric, a mini Halloween tote, and -- of course -- more fabric!


Book Signing with Elizabeth Hartman + Sewing Night
November 13th @ Modern Domestic from 5-9 pm

PMQG Monthly Meeting*
November 18th @ PNCA from 7-9 pm

*This meeting will feature a fabric, materials, and craft swap and sale.  "Vendors" may bring their goodies as early as 6:30 to set-up; however, the doors will be closed to "shoppers/swappers" until 7:00.  
No pre-shopping, ladies!
If you plan to bring items to sell or swap, please contact Cherri via this discussion page on flickr.  Her email is also available on that page.

*There will be a Give and Get Gift Swap starting at the November meeting and ending at the December meeting: Fill a sandwich size ziplock bag with pieces of your favorite fabrics -- any size -- as long as it all fits in the baggie.  Write your name and email address on a tag and enclose it in the baggie.  Bring the baggie to the November meeting for a swap.  You will make a quilted gift using only the fabrics in the baggie + one additional fabric of your choice.  Bring the finished creation to the December meeting to return to the original fabric owner and receive your gift made from the fabrics you donated.
Questions can be posted to the PMQG flickr group page - Portland Modern Quilters.

Whew! How much quilty goodness can Portland Modern Quilters fit into one meeting? 
Well, you've just seen it!  What will November bring?....

I feel that I may have missed at least one quilt from Show and Tell.  Please contact me with any corrections/additions to the "minutes" of this meeting:

Seeking member feedback: Dues

As this wonderful group continues to grow and develop, an occasional expense pops up here and there and we consider other activities/events that may involve some expenses, such as bringing in speakers, organizing "field trips" or retreats, etc.  The officers are again considering the subject of dues and would very much like your feedback.    In the column to the right is a poll -- just under the information on this month's meeting.  Your money and opinion matter, so please indicate your preference.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and we'll get back to you. 

Thanks so much for your input -- Jen, Marcia, Tamara, Cherri, and Joan