small quilt groups


pmqg members also get together in small groups, which are organized by focus, location, and meeting time or day.

Do you have an idea for a small group or would like to start a new one? LET’S GET IT STARTED! email the board to get some time at the next monthly meeting to talk about your new group and recruit members.

Note, these groups are not organized by PMQG, we are only providing a way for members to organize these groups among themselves.

New Groups for 2019:

Small group is starting in Vancouver, stay tuned for more details!

Two new groups wanting to meet on weekends or week nights are coming together. One in or near SE, the other in the 217 corridor on west side.  See Lilly Logan at the Small Group table to join in.  

Existing Groups:

Lucky 13 Mini-Group

Leader:  Sam  
Focus:  Multiple
Meeting times:  various weekday evenings
Location: member home
Openings:  No

Design Study Group

Leader:  Betty
Focus:  Quilt Design
Meeting times:  Sunday evenings
Openings:  Yes – participants must be willing to do homework before meetings

Unbiased Ladies

Leader: Christina
Focus: Art quilting to traditional
Meeting Time:
Location: Members homes, rotating

Currently 8 members, together 3 years. Do one large project each year and a few smaller. Very cohesive group

Eastside Scrappers

Leader: Cris
Focus: not stated
Meeting Time: 1st Thursday, 1-3
Location: member homes, rotating
Openings: Will discuss if necessary

Pedal Pushers

Leader: Barbara
Focus: mostly handwork, some machine work
Meeting Time: 2nd Wednesday, 10-1
Location: rotating member homes
Openings: yes
Misc: Uses evite to get RSVP each month and advise of space needed for projects

East Side Improv Group

Meeting Time:
Location: Portland Eastside
Openings: No


Quilting Loves Embroidery
Leader: Anne
Focus: Embroidery, handwork
Meeting Time: Second Saturday in April
Location: SE Portland

Interested in joining a small group? Let us know below and we can connect you with the leaders! Interested in starting your own? Let us know below!

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Wondering what a small group even looks like? I am glad you asked! Here are some types of small groups:

Quilting Bee’s: Traditionally quilting bee’s were an opportunity for quilters to get together and socialize around a common project. As our socializing nowadays often revolves around social media, a popular trend among quilters has become a modern quilting bee swap. This is where a group of quilters – usually around 12 – form a group and work together over a period of time to create a quilt for each member of the group. It is a really great way to learn techniques and skills as each person takes a turn at being the “Queen Bee” for a month. During your month you pick what block you want everyone to make, sometimes it is just a color theme or style of quilting. Members usually stay on contact on projects by using a group hashtag on social media. Check out the hashtag #beesewcial on Instagram for inspiration and ideas. Go to the gallery of bee quilts on the MQG for more ideas and info


Mod Mood was created in conjunction with Bee Sewcial, an improv, solids-only bee where members are encouraged to push their creative boundaries, try new methods, and be inspired by singular prompts. The bee's prompt for this quilt was a Pinterest board filled with Mid-Century Modern designs, including a MCM color palette.