PMQG Memberships

For 2019, members will have the option to have a local only option and a national option.  

For the $45 Local Only option, members will have access to:

  • Monthly Meetings with a phenomenal speaker lineup, raffle prizes, sew & tell member quilt show, free table for fabric swapping, new quilt swaps, fabric challenges and programs to join in on and so much more!

  • Block of the Month Program

  • Sew Days

  • Charity Sew Days

  • Hand Sew Happy Hours

  • Special Events

  • Retreats

  • Workshops

  • Guild level voting (officers, bylaw amendments)

If you choose to become a National PMQG Member, there will be an additional $10 charge to your 2019 membership.  You can purchase this in our online shop.  

National members receive the above local benefits as well as:

  • Access to the MQG online community

  • Access to the MQG monthly webinar series

  • Access to the MQG free monthly patterns

  • Access to the MQG free block of the month series

  • The ability to vote in MQG board elections

  • Opportunities to participate in inter-guild swaps and challenges

  • Discounted rates on conferences and events

  • Priority and early-bird registration on conference and event admissions

  • Discounted small business and personal insurance

  • Discounts and special offers with MQG sponsors and affiliated companies

  • Membership Card

  • Pin

  • Blog Button

If members are unhappy with either option, they are free to end their 2019 membership with PMQG and receive a full refund.  

If members have a financial hardship and want an MQG membership, please notify the guild to have the additional fee waived for 2019 only.  You can add on a national membership at any point in the year.  

If you wish to continue your MQG membership uninterrupted access to the MQG benefits, please purchase the add-on or request a waiver from the guild by March 20th, 2019.  

We anticipate that our fee for the National membership will need to increase for 2020.  This decision will happen in the winter and will be based on the numbers of those who opted into a national membership in 2019.  

Please let the guild know if you have any questions regarding this plan!