Queen of the UFOs

Queen of the UFOs Program

Here's a fun new program for 2015 that Sam Hunter is going to run! Do you have unfinished projects hanging around and want a little encouragement to finish them? This one is for you!

Pay $10 and register up to 10 UFO projects you’d like to finish in 2015. Every month you will heck in your completed UFOs with Sam.
Each completed project that’s shown at Show and Tell earns a ticket for a drawing. Half of the money earned goes to the guild, and the other half is for a cash prize!.
The prize winner will be drawn in December 2015 from the completed tickets earned throughout the year by showing your preregistered finished projects at Show and Tell

If half our members sign up, the prize could be $500!

As a fun bonus, all participants will receive a special UFO sassy button from Sam!
To participate, click on the link below and print out the Registration Form. Fill it out and bring it in to Sam in December or January with cash or check to PMQG

Queen of the UFO Registration Form Link