2016 Row x Row

PMQG Row X Row - September

My Row for September is a foundation paper pieced block called The One Direction Block. 

I made my row using our Kona palette of Snow, Shale, Dusty Peach, Blueberry, Wasabi, and Curry.

I attached my row to our earlier rows. In my row I also used an addition section of background fabric to break up the blocks in an interesting (to me :) way. 

Click here for the template! 

-Violet Craft

PMQG Row x Row // Frond // Row 3

Row 3 for the 2016 Portland Modern Quilt Guild Row X Row is designed by Kathryn Schmidt. Kathryn was inspired by the palm fronds she picked up from her yard as a child. This row is foundation paper pieced and the templates can downloaded here. 

Make 5 copies each of the 2 paper templates.

Cut sashing strips:
2 - 3" x 8.5"
2 - 4" x 8.5"
2 - 4.5" x 8.5"

Piece the 5 blocks using the foundation paper piecing method of your choice. Use a pin to ensure the 2 halves of each block match up. You may want to grade the seams where they come together at the base of each block to reduce bulk.  

Attach the sashing to the blocks in the following order:
3"  +  block  +  4"  + block  +  4.5"  +  block  +  4.5"  +  block  +  4"  + block  + 3"

Kathryn suggests to keep the paper on until the block is complete to avoid stretching any bias edges. 

For paper piecing tips and help, Kathryn recommends the following sources:

Violet Craft: Tutorials

Cath Hall: Tutorials & Tips


Row by Row- Stacked Row 2

Stacked by Pétra Anderson

Stacked by Pétra Anderson

In continuing our Row by Row I wanted to do something linear but then grounded with the squares. This is a simple block to make and then rotate as you put them together. 

If you are sewing along at home and have created your own row to share please send us an email and we will link up to your row! 

To start cut 

15 Strips 12.5" x 1.5" (I cut mine a little over for trimming) 2 Dusty Peach, 2 Wasabi, 2 Blueberry, 2 Curry, 2 Shale, and 5 Snow

20 Squares 3.5" x 3.5" 3 Dusty Peach, 3 Wasabi, 3 Blueberry, 3 Curry, 3 Shale, and 5 Snow

To assemble the blocks layout all of the cut pieces according to the finished image above. This will keep you from having any colors out of sync especially if you are using different fabrics. Feel free to improvise if needed! I used a scant 1/4" seam for all piecing. 

For the squares I chain pieced. Chain piecing is when you sew your pieces together in one continuous chain. Starting from left to right I paired Shale and Snow, Blueberry and Wasabi, Wasabi and Snow etc. then chain pieced together.

Cut the chain apart and press the seams open then sew your sets of squares together according to the diagram, press the seams open.

Moving on to the strips sew them together lengthwise according to the diagram and press seams open. If you have left the strips a little long trim to 12.5" long.

Stack the corresponding strips and blocks together and sew, press seams open and you have completed the block! Layout all of the blocks and sew together end to end and you have your completed row! 

PMQG Row By Row // Row One

I'm excited to be hosting the first row of the PMQG Row by Row. Over the next eight months, we will present a row for this quilt. You could choose to make all of them, or also create your own row. We will encourage you to be creative and share your own row with the members too! 

Guidelines: Each row will measure 60" wide. The heights of the rows will vary.

For the quilt that the board is making collaboratively, we are using the following kona colors: dusty peach, wasabi, blueberry, shale, curry, and snow. However, you may use whatever solid or printed fabric you love! 

Row 1: Hourglass World

Especially with this color pallette, it was me dreaming of It's a Small World. I've been loving hourglass blocks lately and decided it would be fun to make a row of them for our first Row! 

We are using 6 colors, but you could use less or more. I'm going to share how I made mine, but feel free to experiment! 

Cut: 12 6.5" squares: 3 Snow, 2 Curry, 2 Shale, 2 Wasabi, 2 Blueberry, 1 Dusty Peach


Curry & Snow 

Shale & Wasabi

Snow & Blueberry

Dusty Peach & Curry

Snow & Shale

Wasabi & Blueberry