Jessica Darling Color Party Workshop Recap

Our first ever PMQG workshop, held last month, was a smashing success! It was so much fun to sew with fellow PMQG members in a classroom setting! The room above the gym where we hold our meetings at St. Andrew is a perfect size for about 14-16 attendees and worked out well for our needs. It's bright and airy, with a nice little nook with a mini fridge, sink, and room for us to make coffee and tea!

Improv quilt by teacher Jessica Darling

So what did we do at the workshop? Each attendee brought a couple yards of a "party host" fabric (aka, a focus fabric). Then we added in a few various party guests and thought a little about what direction we wanted our quilt to go in. Or some of us may have just started gleefully sewing away! Everyone also brought a gallon sized ziplock bag full of scraps, which were spread out on a communal table. It was very fun to keep examining the scraps on the table and pulling out new pieces that could fit into our quilts!

Michelle M. with some of her blocks, the giant scale stars are so fun!

Meredith's blocks, love the bright colors!

Heather and some of her colorful progress

Mary Ann's Improv blocks

Lara's work, the butterflies are a great Party Host!

Anne M. with her beautiful bird blocks

Suzanne's blocks with AMH party host

Kazumi also went with some beautiful AMH fabric!

Lorraine's work, she made a mini quilt and sewed her first curves!
Blocks from Michelle F...she brought the fun feather blocks with her,
she's speedy but not quite that speedy!

Elsa used super cute teacup fabric for her Party Host!

Colleen mixed funky birds in with her warm palette

Thanks to Suzanne for taking pictures!  To see more pictures, please check out #pmqgworkshop on Instagram.

Our next workshop is Friday, March 20th and there are still spaces available. Scott Hansen will be teaching his Painted Forest pattern. The workshop is only open to PMQG members until March 1st, and if we have any spaces left at that point it will be open to the public.

Painted Forest by Scott Hansen