Finishing Details for Glitz Challenge

Here are the final things you will need to know to enter your Michael Miller Glitz mini quilts for the PMQG Quilt Knit Stitch exhibit.

  • Labeling Information: All quilts must be labeled: A cloth label with the title of the quilt and your name, address, and telephone number must be sewn on the back of the quilt. The information on the label can be applied with embroidery or any other permanent means.  Do not use a water-soluble pen.
  • Hanging sleeve information: All quilts must have a hanging sleeve. Find information on how to add a hanging sleeve here.
  • Please take pictures of your quilt before you submit them to PMQG. If your quilt is chosen, you will then need to fill out an online form with info about you/your quilt and include a picture.
Remember, these quilts are due at the April PMQG meeting.  If you cannot bring them to the April meeting or send them with a friend, you may hand them off to an officer at the April 26th Fabric Depot Sew Day (9am-9pm)
FYI, the Robert Kaufman Modern Metallic Quilts will have the same label and hanging requirements, but the entry process is different.

Full information about both challenges.