Book Review & Meeting

October is in full swing! For us quilters, it also means that Angela Walters is coming to our PMQG meeting! We will be meeting in the Stagecraft building at 7pm, don't forget to bring your amazing Michael Miller Stripe Challenge project!
*Also, (as a reminder) we have Sew Day this Saturday, Oct. 20 at Fabric Depot from 9am - 9pm.*

I was given the opportunity to read & review Angela's first book "Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters."

First of all, I've always been intimidated by free-motion quilting, I had the misconception that there were only a couple of patterns that were attainable with my limited free-motion abilities. This book blew wide open that misconception. Angela has 28 designs that are easy to follow and use on our own quilt. She includes variations and modern alternatives for many of the designs.  I love the step-by-step illustrations clearly showing the pattern and offering techniques for execution.

Being a fan of any mid-century design, I was thrilled to find many patterns that appeal to that aesthetic. Here's a look at some of the designs I tried out: 

Definitely got better as time goes on! That's what Angela encourages throughout this book, practice! I found it extremely fun to just focus on the quilting pattern, rather than piecing. Have you ever done this? Buy the book and try it out! 

Finally, Angela devotes a few sections to answering the age old question "How should I quilt this?" She also gives many wonderful suggestions for how to best use quilting designs to enhance modern piecing designs. I really learned from this book how much the quilting of a quilt can really enhance the overall design. I'm really excited to put some of these designs to use with my current quilting projects. I'd highly suggest that this book needs to be in your quilting library! 

Angela is bringing a few copies for sale to our meeting, so if you haven't picked it up yet, you can do so on Thursday night. Also, thanks to Stash Books for giving us a review copy and also a book to giveaway!