Northwest Quilting Expo Details!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share the details on our Northwest Quilting Expo special exhibit at Portland Expo Center in September. We are one of only 3 guilds showing! We would love to have you submit your quilt - read on for all the info!

The NWQE has invited PMQG to show up to 40 of our quilts in a special exhibit during the show September 20-22, with no size limitations or fees. We'd like to include a diverse mix of our guild members' modern quilts, and will give precedence to the quilts that haven't already shown at Sisters (although it is fine to submit quilts that have already shown in other exhibits!). To enter your quilt, please fill out the PMQG special exhibit application here (or email us at by August 16th. Quilts don't have to be finished when you apply, just by early September. Oh, and our third Michael Miller Cotton Couture challenge quilt, Linear, will be in this exhibit!

We'll let everyone know if their quilts were accepted before or by August 17, when we will send in a list of our exhibit quilts to the organizers. There is a simple one-page form you can fill out on the NWQE website. There is no fee for non-juried quilts, and a $10 fee if you would like your quilt to be judged in competition (there are some great prizes!). The exhibit quilts will be collected in early/mid-September and we will get them back at the end of the month.

We'll also be giving away a few show passes at the September PMQG meeting!

Quick recap... 

Find out more about the NWQE!

Can't wait to see everyone's work! Please comment or email us with any questions.