Guild Meeting Reminder & Member Spotlight // Paula

Happy Sunshine Everyone! The past few days have been filled with as much sunshine as I could squeeze into the day. Hopefully, I'll get some more sewing done soon! ;)
Remember that our guild meeting is this week! It's this Thursday, May 19th at 7pm in the Stagecraft Building. We have the pleasure of learning some applique from Rachel and quilt photography from Paula and Amber. Bring your cameras so that we can get some hand-on knowledge.
And while we're at it, let's get to know Paula at bit more....

1) How long have you been making quilts? What was your learning process like?
Maybe three years? I know it hasn't been very long… seriously really started when I joined PMQG in 2010. I had some background in sewing because my mom is an excellent seamstress and learned from her. But she didn't quilt; so most of what I know is self taught or I have had the chance to take some great local classes.  There was a period of time where I was at the stage of "Is it me or my machine?" Definitely the machine right??!!

2) How long have you been a PMQG member and how did you find us?
Since 2010 [I think??] - I was slowly getting into quilting and started following a few blogs and noticed that there was a Modern Quilt Guild and luckily there was a Portland Oregon chapter!

3) What inspires your designs/quilting?
I really get my inspiration from other creative people and my surroundings. Pinterest and Flickr are like crack for me! It's funny how creative endeavors can change how you look at things ever so slightly.

4) How many quilts do you think you've made in your life?
The ones that I have made myself: I think around seven - out of that seven I have kept two. Of the ones I have done for Do. Good Stitches - two

5) Why do you quilt? What do you enjoy most about it?
In all of my creative outlets I really just enjoy the process. With quilting I enjoy all the different stages; planning, shopping, cutting, piecing, quilting and binding. While I have several WIP this actually drives me nuts since I am so focused on the process and when things are half way started/finished it's enough to drive me insane. I also enjoy the giving of quilts - not just to family and friends but to charity. I have enjoyed being part of the Do. Good Stitches PEACE group for over a year now. We do 11 to 12 quilts a year and they are donated to My Very Own Blanket who provides them to foster kids. 

6) What is your favorite quilt that you've made?
I can't say that I made this quilt - but I worked with the kindergarten class on it and to date this is hands down my favorite quilt. This is the Garden Quilt for my niece's school auction - it was the highest bid item that night at $2500! I was so proud of the kids and equally excited that there were people out there that saw the value in a project like this. The winning bid was from the father of one of the kids - she happened to rock the very large yellow flower on the top left. He told me that he wanted to put it in her hope chest but she wraps herself in it every day!

7) Fill in the blank: "When I'm quilting, I feel _______"
When I am quilting I feel that I am doing the right thing for me at that moment. There is no feeling of regret or the fact that I should be doing something else. 

8) While you're quilting, what is the environment like? do you listen to music? enjoy the humming of the machine? watch re-runs of Downton Abbey? 
 I am lucky enough to have a dedicated creative space/office. It has gone through several transformations over the years but its finally settling in. Instead of major furniture rearranging I am either consolidating, swapping out or re-organizing. When I am working on projects I usually have the TV on so I can catch up on my shows or watch a movie and when that doesn't suffice the music is going. My furbabies are always close by and they are my reminders to take a break every once in awhile.

- - - - - - - 
Thanks so much for sharing with us, Paula! I don't know about you all, but I'm in some serious envy of her sewing space! 
~ Heather