Put this on your to do list, please.....

Here are the directions for the PMQG Give and Get Gift Swap. This is going to be fun!

Fill a sandwich baggie with bits of fabric you love. You know, the GOOD STUFF!
Any color combination, any size is great. It's just got to fit in the baggie. Write your name and e mail address on a slip of paper and enclose it too.

Bring your baggie o'fabric goodness to the next meeting on Nov.18. We will swap.

Now the fun begins! You are challenged to make a quilted gift using only the fabrics in the baggie you received plus one (and only one) of your own.

Bring your finished creation to the December meeting. You will give your handmade item to the original fabric owner and receive a quilted treasure created with your fabrics in return.

We will share all this quilted sewing wonderfulness at the Holiday meeting in December. Sounds like a reason for a party! Stay tuned for more details on the December Celebration.

Questions? Ask here or on the PMQG flicker group.