Criticizing your work...

Today as I was catching up on my Google Reader, I read the below by Kristen.
She was a featured quilter a little while back and you'll more then likely find her at all the Modern Domestic sewing nights working on something cool.

"One of the first things they told us in design school was not to criticize our own work in front of others. Our teacher told us that we had to stand behind our work, because no one else would. They also said that pointing out errors was the best way to get others to notice them, so, in essence, keep your mouth shut about any mistakes you may have made.

It's a hard mindset to get out of. I hesitate to point out things I find wrong with this quilt because of it. Quilting has a lot in common with graphic design, but it differs in that there is an element of sharing success, and commiserating over failure. Quilting is a community, rather than just a business. No one is grading me here, and there is no client to be pleased other than myself, so it would be alright to mention some pretty significant mistakes in the construction of this quilt.

Maybe I'll just let it go and remind myself to keep working on my precision and craftsmanship. All in all, I like the thing."
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kristen.  I think this is a great reminder for all of us.  Especially during show and tell! I know of several individuals who didn't share last time.  You know who you are!  :D

Enjoy the rest of the rainy weekend everyone!