2016 PNW MQG Meetup Swap--Mini Mini Quilts!

Announcing the 2016 PNW MQG Meetup Swap--Mini Mini Quilts!

Photo Credit from  Erin at Why Not Sew?

Photo Credit from Erin at Why Not Sew?

(All information on the #pnwmqgmeetup here)

For this swap, we're going to exchange Mini Mini Quilts! What's a Mini Mini Quilt, you ask? For the purposes of this swap, it's a teeny tiny quilt with no side larger than 12 inches, although it can be much smaller if you like. 

When making a quilt this small, it’s obviously going to be used for decorative purposes only, so let your imagination run free with your design and materials! Feel free to use tiny piecing, English or Foundation paper piecing, applique, thread sketching or hand embroidery or any other technique that sounds fun to you. Also consider using textiles other than quilting cottons if you want to mix it up.

This swap will be a blind swap, meaning you don’t have to sign up ahead of time and won’t be partnered with a specific person. Just wrap your swap item (it can be as simple as in a brown paper bag, or feel free to wrap in wrapping paper, fabric, or whatever tickles your fancy).

Here’s the lowdown:

Step 1: Make a Mini Mini quilt (all sides less than 12 inches) and wrap it up (don’t forget to include a note with your name)

Step 2: Bring it to the Friday night cocktail party at Widmer* (Sign up here if you haven't already, it's $10 but you get apps and a drink! This is only to secure how many people we will have at Widmer)

Easy peasy, right?

*If you’re unable to make the cocktail party Friday night, please check in with Mary Ann at the Saturday Open Sew and we’ll make arrangements

There are a couple of general swap guidelines I always like to mention: Remember to do your best work and make something you would appreciate receiving. Please don’t stress out, if you make something you’re proud of, the person who receives it will appreciate it! Having said that, let’s also remember to be gracious swap partners, let’s make sure this is fun for all.

For inspiration for your Mini Mini Quilt, please check out our Pinterest Board:



Looking at patterns for Mug Rugs or Coasters can be a great place to find ideas as well, or try sizing down a larger quilt pattern or doing something special with a favorite block pattern.

Working on your swap and want to share pics on social media? #PNWMQGminimini


Happy Swapping!

Mary Ann Morsette

for PMQG