PMQG Row by Row // Fremont

For the striped sections, cut:

  • 1 3.5" x WOF strip Shale

  • 1 1.5" x WOF strip Snow

  • 1 2" x WOF strip Wasabi

  • 1 1.5" x WOF strip Dusty Peach

  • 1 2" x WOF strip Curry

  • 1 2.5" x WOF strip Blueberry

Sew the WOF strips together in the order listed above, then subcut into sections:

  • 1 10.5" section

  • 1 5.5" section

  • 1 25.5" section

Now create two Fremont blocks using the foundation paper piecing template.  See the picture for color placement.  Piece all of the "A" section on the first template, then all of the "B" section on the 2nd template, then join the templates before adding sections "C" and "D".

To create the row, join as follows: 10.5" strip section, Fremont block, 5.5" strip section, Fremont block, 25.5" strip section.

Now join with the other rows, add borders as desired, and your PMQG 2016 Row-by-Row quilt top is complete!