Business Member Spotlight: All Quilted

All Quilted is our business member for May. Thanks to owner Debbie Scroggy for supporting PMQG-- and for telling us a little more about her long arm quilting business! 

Debbie Scroggy at the NW Quilters show in May

What makes your business special or different than others in your industry? 

I offer easy pick-up and delivery: I meet customers at their favorite quilt shops. I’m still promising a four-week turn-around and can often facilitate rush jobs with no expediting fees. My quilt “Brighter Days” just won the 1st place ribbon for computer guided quilting at the NW Quilters, Inc. quilt show at the Expo Center in Portland.  Three quilts that I quilted for customers won ribbons as well.

"Brighter Days," Debbie's prizewinning quilt!

How long have you been doing this?

I have been quilting for customers for one year—my first customer came to me on May 21 last year.

What’s the most important thing you’ve had to learn to do your job well?

Patience. There is no rushing a good quilting job—it will take as long as it takes.  Also, taming the “tension” beast—the bane of all long arm quilters.  Heck, the bane of all quilters!  I have quilts in my house that I quilted on my domestic machine before acquiring my long arm—and the backs are completely unraveling—nasty.  Now my tension is always lovely.

What do you see as a significant aesthetic trend right now?

I love the effect of simple quilting lines—a simple serpentine or gentle undulating curves can be just perfect!  I also love the dramatic “zentangle” designs that are quite intricate, and delicious!  It seems that nobody like stipples anymore!

Stitched by Diana Alexander, quilted by Debbie Scroggy

What’s the strangest thing a customer has ever asked you? 

“Just do what you want.” To which I always reply, “OK, I’ll quilt pink flamingos all over your quilt!” —with a smile, of course.  I spend lots of time with my customers as they look over my quilted samples so we can pick a design and scale that will be sure to make them happy, happy, happy when they see their quilt quilted.

Any new products or services you’d like to mention? 

I’m upgrading my robotics system this summer to help me more efficiently do the custom work that some quilts cry for.  

Why do you like being a business member of PMQG? 

I am constantly blown away by the creativity and productivity of PMQG members.  It is a routine event to sit in a guild meeting with multiple book authors and/or pattern designers in the group.  I find it truly inspiring!

If you couldn’t work in the quilting/sewing world, what would your dream job be?

I am a retired CPA and I truly love what I’m doing right now.  I love taking in quilt tops that I find to be quite fragile, and returning them to my customers with the stability and structure that quilting provides, in addition to the complementary design and thread color of the quilting.  The very best thing is my customers’ delight at seeing their quilts quilted.

My children are spread all over the country and I’m telling my husband that we need to full-time RV when he retires so we can spend time with all of them—but then I think of having to stop long arming and it gives me pause.  Maybe there is a traveling long arm business in my future!

Business Info:  
All Quilted, LLC
located near Wilsonville, OR
Owner: Debbie Scroggy

Phone:  (503) 704-4739
Web site: