June Business Member Spotlight--SewPo!

Our June Business Member of the month is SewPo! While normally PMQG members receive 10% off of our purchases at SewPo, today through Saturday, July 21st we can receive 20% off instead! Sweet!

This is what Kate had to say about SewPo:

SewPo is a family-owned business, run by Kate Matlock and her mom, Janett Elliott. We have been sewing together for years and about 3 years ago we finally got to open up our own little fabric shop!
Janett and Kate, 1980

What are your hours and location?
We are open seven days a week; 11am-4pm on Sundays and Mondays. 11am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday. We are located at 830 N. Failing Street, in the lovely Mississippi neighborhood. We can be reached by phone at 503.282.1372, or visit our website, SewPo.com

We also blog at: 

What’s the best thing about owning your business?
As much as I love to sew, my main motivation for actually making anything is so I can buy new fabric. Having my own fabric shop lets me fulfill my need for acquiring fabric (without filling up my bedroom!) and I get to try out designs and colors I wouldn’t normally be drawn to.

How long have you been in business?
My mom and I opened SewPo in March 2010. We launched our Etsy shop in October 2013.

What’s been your favorite order/customer/memorable moment as a business owner?
Working in a fabric shop is simply delightful. The customers are almost always in good moods and I get to hear about all types of fantastical projects. I have been honored to be the first sewing teacher for dozens of little seamstresses and I have helped parents finish quilts for long-awaited babies.

My most memorable moment though, was selling a quilt to the propmaster of Grimm; the night my quilt was on television, about a dozen people sent me “OMG”-type messages!

What other jobs/businesses have you worked/owned?
I used to be a cloth diaper and baby-wearing expert over at a local baby boutique. Before that I managed a babyGap, Gap Kids and Gap Maternity combined store. And, of course, I have 3 sons ranging in age from 5 to 11 y/o, which is definitely work!

What made you want to go into this field of work?
I really just love, love, love fabric. All of the colors, the designs, the possibilities inherent in one little yard of material, it is magical! 

Lost in Paris Quilt

Do you still have time to do your own quilting and sewing while owning your business?
We take on a fair amount of special projects—wedding napkins, nursing covers for the NICU, binding quilts, etc. I usually tell myself if I get a certain amount of “work sewing” done, then I can do some “fun sewing” until my bobbin runs out! 

Does your store have classes, get-togethers, or special events you’d like to mention?
We occasionally host classes, although we tend to focus on the beginning sewist. Every Saturday we host an open sew from 12-2pm. People can come in and use our tools and sewing machine, or if they need help getting a project started (or finished) that is the perfect time to do so. We charge $10 per visit. 


Thank you so much, Kate, for sharing with us about your store! PMQG members, if you haven't visited SewPo yet, there probably won't be a better time since we can receive 20% off our purchases at SewPo through July 21st! 

--Mary Ann, V.P.

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