January Meeting Recap - Show & Tell

January's Show & Tell was an amazing kick off to the new year! So many beautiful quilts, WIP's and other handmade items were shared, inspiring all of us!

Cathy Fowler shared her Modern Cross quilt and two strip quilts. One of which is her son's and it turns into a cape! 

Jen Carlton-Bailly's 5HTP Squared (top) and her 3-6-9 quilt made for the Madrona Road Challenge. 

Dawn White's Cosmic Kaleidoscopes

Kelly Cole's Vintage Reworked

Ann Symons brought some wonderful fabrics she found on a trip to Myamar to show us. There were so many great patterns and prints!

Heather Lott brought in this great Polar Bear rug she made for her daughter. 
(Her husband helped - he made the ears)

He kept a few of our members warm and cozy during the meeting :)

Violet Craft's Kitty Sparkle Punch

Elizabeth Hartman shared Glam Garlands/Drip Mashup (top) and her Winter quilt

Gabrien and Traci shared their twin Christmas Sparkle Punch Quilts

Gabrien's back

Traci's Back
Traci also shared this quilt top she's making for her son

Cath Hall's Gobl Grey

Monica Solorio-Snow shared her Scrappy Quilt along with the Winterkist Rapid City Quilt that Elizabeth Hartman gave her made with Monica's fabric line Winterkist

Lisa O's #2 quilt

Amanda Clow of Threadbias and her Modern Maples Mini

Janet Murdock's Swamp Thing 2 quilt

Pam Raby brought in two quilts this one is called Sangria
And this one is named Illumination

Sara Quigley had these great accessories to show us!

Petra and her Madrona Road Challenge Quilt!

Ale shared this quilt she made for her husband. She calls it Ben's Garden.
She also shared this quilt "I Can't Look at it Anymore" that she donated to the Children's Relief Nursery. Quilting on the donated quilt was done by Nancy Stovall

Jolene Knight and her twin baby quilts

A wonderful WIP from Jamie Erdman - Baby Pearl's Quilt

Susan Paris and her quilt that she donated to charity

Hope to see you all at our Sew Day this Saturday, February 2nd at Fabric Depot!

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