July 15th Meeting! Hexagons via the English Paper Piecing Method

This Thursday is our fifth meeting and it's all about Hexagons or Hexies as some like to refer to them.

We have some pretty cool things happening:
1. Donations from Tab Slot-1 inch card stock hexagons
2. YLI donated silk thread
3. Mettler donated thread
4. Rachel from 2nd Avenue Studios has two kick butt giveaway packages
5. Christina from The Sometimes Crafter will be joining us and doing a presentation all about her adventures in teaching herself about Hexagons.

 Here's a little eye candy to help inspire you.  Some of you might even recognize a few things!
My creation

Now, for the meeting please try and bring the following supplies:
1.  Fabric you'd like to turn into hexies
2.  Scissors
3. Thimble if you have one
4. Sewing Needles
5. Anything that you have done with hexagons for show and tell!

I will have extras of everything above in-case you don't have something.  Also, if you are so inclined, please bring extra.

Please RSVP so we can make sure that there are enough pre-cut hexagons, chairs and snacks!

UPDATED To include directions on how to RSVP
To RSVP for the meeting:
1. Under the map on the right hand side of the  page click the "Join This Site"

2. Under the right hand corner of the new pop up page click the "follow" button if you have any of the following accounts: Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM or Netlog, sign in. If not, hit "Create a new google account".

3. Follow sign in directions. After the super easy sign in it will take you back to the event, click "I'm going" 

If you'd like to do a little pre-work, below are some links from Christina's web site!

I came across lots of helpful sites while reading up on Hexagons. I’d like to share them here and if I come across any new links in the future I will add them as well. Let this be your hexagon resources post.

1. Posy Gets Cozy – Hexagon Piecing (Writes about her experience in hexagon piecing) 
2. Postcards From Panama – Hexagon Quilt Tutorial (suggests using glue stick) 
3. Craft Passion – Basic Hexagon Quilting Tutorial (links to hexagon pincushion project) 
4. Thimble Blossoms – Hexagon Quilt Tutorial (Great tutorial and photos) 
5. All Buttoned Up – Oh snap! That girl doesn’t baste. (Awesome alternative to basting) 
6. The Jax Collection – Traditional English Hexagon Patchwork Demonstration – Video 1 and Video 2. (Great videos demonstrating how to make and connect your hexagons) 
7. Incompetech – Hexagonal Graph Paper PDF Generator (generate your own hexagons in any size you need) 
8. Paper PiecesHexagon Cutting Guide (how big to cut your squares of fabric and also a great spot to buy paper hexagons)
9. Texas Freckles - Hexagon Fussy Cut Template (A how-to for creating a template)
And that’s what I've learned so far. I have some more ideas, but we’ll have to wait to see what comes of them. You can be sure I'll share more as I learn more. I hope that all of this information is useful to you and that you find something to make piecing these a little easier for you. Happy hexagon sewing!