Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

PMQG at 2015 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show


PMQG member quilts have been selected to show from 43 entries. Thank you for your participation. If your quilt was not chosen as part of the PMQG group, please consider entering it in the main show. Its always great to see PMQG member quilts throughout the show!  You can register through June 1 in the 2015 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. For those of you that were chosen please make sure to register also and get your quilts over to  Nancy at Just Quilting before the due dat so they can load them up and drive them to Sisters. 54  "Untitled" 60" x 72" By Rachel Kerley

46A  "Untitled" 34" x 48" By Kristan Collins

44  "PMQG Medallion" 59" x 59" By Ann Mari Cowley

41  "Untitled" 32" x 32" By Kelly Cole

34  "Facing East" By Heather Davidson

30A  "Untitled" 58" x 72" By Beth Wells

26  "Inchworm" 50" x 50" By Juline Bajada

25  "Untitled" 55" x 62" By Mary Fedoroff

24  "Down the Rabbit Hole" 72" x 72" By Jen Carlton Bailly

23  "Improv Rainbow Quilt" 48" x 48" By Cath Hall

HelixLarge  "Helix" 65" x 82" By Michel McDowell

14  "Family Trees" 57" x 63" By Barbara Sanders

12A  "Urban Chicken" By Claire Alexander

10A  "Medallion Quilt" 70" x 70" By Michael Ann Shreeve




Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Submissions & Volunteers

Are you going to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on July 12th? PMQG will have a special exhibit in the show and we need volunteers to be at our exhibit. We need 8 volunteers to work these shifts: 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, and 3-5.  There will be a meeting for volunteers 1-2 weeks before the show so you will know what the expectations are.

If you would like to sign up for a shift, please email Cris Pera:


 There is also still time to enter a quilt in our exhibit! Submission has been extended to May 2.

Entries to be sent to Gail at with: SISTERS SUBMISSION in the subject line by MAY 2!
Find entry requirements here
All entrants will be contacted on MAY 7 to let them know if they will be a part of the special exhibit.
Entrants chosen to be in the PMQG special exhibit MUST REGISTER WITH SISTERS by MAY 9th!! 

Sisters Quilt Show: PMQG Exhibit Deadline MAY 2

Sisters Quilt Show 2012

 *Updated deadlines below * 

PMQG will have a special exhibit at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show again this year. The show is on Saturday, July 12. We have room for 16 quilts (maybe more), which will be selected by a jury to best represent the range of modern quilting done by PMQG members.

To submit a quilt for the PMQG exhibit

Send an email to Gail Weiss ( with PMQG SISTERS SUBMISSION in the subject line. Please include the following information:

1. Your Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email Address
4. Quilt Name
5. Quilt Size
6. Quilt Description
7. Three photos (one front / one back / one close-up); no bigger than 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels.

Entries for the PMQG exhibit are due by APRIL 23  May 2.

Note: only current PMQG members are eligible for inclusion in the special exhibit. (Not a member? Join us!)

Entrants will be notified whether their quilt has been selected by April 28  May 7.

If your quilt is selected for the PMQG exhibit:

  1. Register the quilt on the Sisters website by May 1 May 9, choosing the SPECIAL CATEGORY option. Here's all the information on how to register.
  2. Pay an entry fee of $5 to PMQG to cover shipping costs. 
  3. Drop-off locations and dates will be announced soon!  

If your quilt is not selected for the PMQG exhibit:

You can still be a part of the general quilt show! Just register on the Sisters site any time before June 1. 

Hope to see you--and your quilts--in Sisters! 

PMQG at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2013

Were you able to make it to Sisters last weekend for the annual outdoor quilt show? PMQG was there with 16 quilts! It was really fun to have our modern exhibit among all the other types of beautiful quilts at the show.

One is the Loneliest Number by Kimberly Lumapas
PMQG Group Quilt, Michael Miller Neon Challenge
Red Cross Copycat by AnnMarie Cowley

Urban Improv by Cris Pera

Easy Street by Jeri Bonset

Atomic Man Plus by Jen Carlton-Bailly

Running Hot and Cold by Linda Nussbaum

Sticks and Stones by Rachel Kerley

Springs Strings by Gail Weiss

Texturized by Katie Sciarrino

Mabel Rose by Amber Wilson

Feathered Nest by Christina Lane

Kissy Fish by Nancy Kennedy

Color Study by Petra Anderson

And And And by Suzanne Gray

Honeycomb Quilt by Chelle Casey-Stevenson

Thanks to everyone who had a quilt in our exhibit this year! It's not too early to start thinking about what you might like to submit for next year!

Take our Bus to the Sisters Outdoor Show

Members can receive discount for one additional guest

Join PMQG on a adventure to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!

Round trip from Portland to Sisters and Back, Saturday July 13th 2013.

$50 for the round trip ride
$40 for PMQG Members


  • Leaves: 7:00 AM sharp from the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store 
  • Arrives 10:00ish AM in Sisters
  • Pick up: 4:30 PM at Sisters Highschool
  • Returns: 8:30 PM to the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store

The Pendleton Woolen Mill store is located at:

8550 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97222

Free all day parking is available in the gated area on the north side of the store. 

PMQG, It's a Sign (up)...

There are so many great things going on this summer! We thought we'd gather some info all in one place so we can start finalizing details so you can make your plans. Please take a moment to let us know your interest in these up coming events:

Round Trip! Bus to Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, July 13th.
cost $31-$50 depending on how many folks go

PNW Meet up August 15th - 18th, Portland Oregon.
cost $25

And don't forget about our Documentation Day, Saturday June 22nd at MOCC and our PNCA classes, June 29-30 with Eliza Fernand and Cherry House! And the first MQG Sewdown: registration opens June 10th.

Sisters 2013 PMQG Special Exhibit

To all PMQG members who would like to enter their quilts into the PMQG Special Exhibit at the 2013 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (Saturday July 13, 2013):

PLEASE WAIT to register online with Sisters until we have chosen all the quilts that will be part of the exhibit ~ you will register between APRIL 15 - APRIL 30, 2013!
Starting now, PMQG 2013 Paid Members can submit their quilt(s) to be juried to be a part of the PMQG Special Exhibit. Photos of Quilt Tops can be entered in lieu of a finished quilt.
(Note: This is free, but if your quilt is chosen there will be an entry fee incurred for Sisters.)
How to enter:
Send an email with the following information
(each member can enter 2 quilts / only 1 quilt per member will be chosen)
Member Name:
Quilt Name:
Quilt Dimensions:
100 Word Quilt description
3 Photos of Quilt - Front / Back / Close-up 
You will be notified by April 15th whether or not your quilt was chosen for the PMQG Special Exhibit.  

If chosen for our special exhibit, register between APRIL 15 - APRIL 30, 2013.  When registering, please select "Portland Modern Guild"
Deadline for PMQG Special Exhibit registration is MAY 1, 2013

**If NOT chosen for the PMQG Special Exhibit, you can still enter the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  They accept up to 1,400 quilts, so while we may not have space in our section, it would be super amazing to see a smattering of PMQG member quilts all over Sisters!  When registering, please select "General Category"
Deadline for Sisters registration is June 1, 2013
Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Entry Criteria & Requirements:
We are currently working out how and when the shipping and picking up of the quilts will take place.  More on that to come. Any questions?  Feel free to ask:

Sisters 2012

The day started without a cloud in the sky for the 37th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and there was a big turn out. The Portland Modern Quilt Guild was invited to have a Special Exhibit for the 2nd year in a row and here are our quilts. 

We were also fortunate to meet up with the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild and the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild. There was a great turn out and we all cooled off with some watermelon and snacks. It seems like we were too busy socializing to take photos which really is a good sign.

Then for the first time in 37 years the show was rained out. The volunteers for the show got down over 1200 quilts in a remarkably short amount of time with what I hear was a minimal 10-20 quilts getting wet. Susan and I were on duty and with the help of fellow members got the 30 or so quilts in our zone safely out of the rain just in time for a torrential downpour. 

Thank you to our member volunteers that helped throughout the day and during the rain.
Cris Pera, Jen Carlton-Bailly, Amber Wilson, Rachel Kerley, Kimberley Lumapas, Heather Davidson, Susan Beal, Gail Weiss, Michelle Freedman, Jill Collins, Jolene Knight, Michelle Marcus Boyer, and Marcia Mersky.

Pétra and Heather

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

This Saturday is the 37th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! We are so excited to be representing PMQG with our special exhibit. Many of us are making the trek to Sisters and we hope to see you there! In addition to seeing over 1300 quilts, we also get the joy of meeting other modern quilters!

At noon and 4pm, we're hosting a little get-together in our exhibit space with the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild and Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guilds.  We are having two times to meet-up because people different volunteer schedules, stop by at one or both! :) 
I know I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the incredible quilts and enjoying time with some friends. Hope to see you there! 

Send us your Sisters quilt entries!

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder that this coming Sunday (April 29) at midnight is the deadline to submit your entries for our special quilt exhibit at Sisters! All the details are right over here.


You don't have to have a finished quilt yet... a sketch or in-progress photo is just fine. We need to collect and ship them in June, so you'll have more time to work - just make sure you enter by Sunday night!

 Taking Turns quilt - Quilts and More  Spring 2012

We can't wait to see this year's PMQG Special Exhibit that the panel curates! Thanks to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show for inviting us back, and to all the guild members who have entered quilts. Check out some of the submissions so far in the flickr pool!

PS: If you don't have your own photo of a quilt you've shown at a PMQG Show & Tell, feel free to link back to one of our meeting recap posts to use one of our shots!

New Sisters Info Page for You!

We just wanted to point out the new Sisters Outdoor Quilt Festive page that has been added to our site. It's right up there on the right. This has all the info we went over during this month's guild meeting. If you are interested in entering a quilt in our Portland Modern Quilt Guild special exhibit it should hold all of the answers and if you have any questions we're happy to help! 
Not sure if you want to enter? You can do it I know you can!! 

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

We are excited to be invited back to have a special exhibit at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this year! The show is Saturday July 14th from 9:30 to 5:00 and there are lots of events surrounding the show if you are interested.
We have had so many beautiful quilts at show and tell lately I know we will have no shortage of entrants.

To enter a quilt in the special exhibit please:

  • Email a photo to by April 29th. Make sure to include your full name and contact info, and the dimensions of the quilt. You can also bring your quilt to the meeting this month and we can take a photo for you. The deadline is approaching soon so quilt tops or sketches of work in progress will be accepted.
  • All submitted quilts will be reviewed by a panel consisting of one board member and 2 guild members; Gail Weiss and Michelle Freedman. Quilts will be selected to represent our guild and the modern quilt movement. Here is some great info about what is modern quilting from the Modern Quilt Guild.
  • Once we have the group of quilts chosen to be in the show you will be notified and then must register your quilts for the show through the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show website by May 1st. Registration is $5 a person.
  • We will collect quilts at the June meeting to ship to Sisters. Quilts are due to arrive in Sisters for the show between June 29th and July 7th if you want to arrange your own delivery. 

Sisters Outdoor Quilt show guidelines:

  • Quilts must be at least 36" x 36" and no bigger then 104" in width or length.
  • If a quilt will be for sale a photo must be sent in with your registration.
  • A quilt is two layers of fabric with a filling that is stitched together with lines or a pattern.
  • Quilting may be done by hand or machine.
  • Tied quilts do not meet the definition of a quilt for this show.
  • “Raggy” quilts and quilts made from predominantly preprinted panels are not accepted.
  • We do not accept raffle quilts from other groups.
  • Quilts do not need to have a sleeve for our show.
  • A fabric label sewn to the back of each quilt is required.The quilt name and exhibitor’s name on the label should match the information on your registration form.

We will be sharing photos from last years exhibit and talking more about the event and quilt labels at the next meeting. Check out flickr to see photos before then.


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Every year I tell myself that I'm going to go to Sisters for the quilt show and every year I don't make plans. This year, with PMQG being part of a special exhibit I knew I had to get myself there, so I bought a bus ticket from Fabric Depot (and saw two fellow members, though they ended up on the other bus). So this was my first time attending Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and while I thought I knew what to expect, quilts hung all over the buildings in town, I was not prepared for the amazing site of a town covered in quilts. Not only were there quilts all over outside, but there were quilts all over inside the shops too. And lots of people, there is just no getting around standing in line for things during the show, but lines go quickly and there is almost always a quilt or three to view while you wait.

Inside a coffee a shop

And simply hanging everywhere
I brought my water battle and a few snacks, but it wasn't actually necessary since there were enterprising kids selling water bottles all over town (I heard it was some sort of fundraiser too), multiple stands with kettle corn and other treats. We lucked out with a beautiful day, bright sun, light breezes and the temps only reaching the low 80's (I've heard it is often a good 10 degrees warmer this time of year). When I arrived in town, show hosts/volunteers were handing out Sisters, a newspaper magazine devoted to the show which included a map, a list of the special exhibits and an article on us, Portland Modern Quilt Guild, (it's on page 26). I spent my first two hours just wandering around town, taking in all to see along Cascade Ave (which is closed to cars for the day), stopping into the packed The Stitchin' Post, stopping by the tree exhibit and occasionally admiring the mountains.

Around noon I found our guild's exhibit, and what a great location, a nice grassy spot between two buildings we even had a few chairs, some shade and a nice breeze. Lots of people were milling about and Cherri (one of our members who volunteered their time to host our exhibit) told me we were getting a lot of positive feedback.

And I finally get to see the PMQG quilts sent to Sisters, some I had seen before during previous meeting's show and tells, some I had never seen before and they all looked awesome.

Kaci's Quilt
Kaci's quilt
Katie's Project Modern Challenge 1 quilt
Jen's quilt
Rachel's quilt
Cherri's quilt
Susan's quilt
Jill's Project Modern Challenge 2 quilt
Monica's quilt
Violet's quilt
Christina's Project Modern Challenge 2 quilt
Heather's quilt
Petra's quilt
Megan's Project Modern Challenge 2 quilt
Monica's quilt
Nancy's quilt
Kristen's Project Modern Challenge 1 quilt
Lara's quilt
After taking a nice little break at our cozy exhibit, I started wandering the town some more. I found Cherri's quilt in the general show (thanks to a hint from Jill who spotted it earlier) and just enjoyed the day.
Cherri's quilt in the general show
PMQG gives a big thank you to Jen for organizing our participation in Sisters Outdoor Quilt show; to our members who volunteered to spend part of their day hosting our exhibit; to Katie for a great job on our banner; and Nancy for quilting our banner (you must check it out at the upcoming picnic).

The official PMQG banner!

To Sisters she goes—as everyone is in route to the annual Sister's Quilt Show we'd like to thank all of our members who contributed blocks! Special thanks to Nancy for quilting (everyone has GOT to see her work on this—oh the variety), Cherri for donating the most perfect binding and backing fabric and Jen for hauling it to Sisters. If you aren't able to see it at the show this weekend it will be at the July 21st picnic and pretty much everywhere PMQG goes from here on out. Travel safe quilters!

PMQG Banner

Call for 6" blocks!

Remember to create your 6" block (includes a 1/4" seam allowance, finished size will be 5.5").

Any block pattern made out of any fabrics you desire (seriously, we want an eclectic mix). Below is a sketch of how it will come together (border checkered only to distinguish blocks). Bring your blocks to the May 19 meeting—that's next Thursday!


"Sew On"

Studio Warming Party THIS SATURDAY, Jan. 29th 2–4p

Everyone is welcome! Visit
Cherri's new quilting space… full of sewing wonderfulness. Cookies and milk and a comfy chair just for you!

6635 North Baltimore Street Suite 263. (former Columbia Sportswear building under the St. Johns Bridge and across the street from the Moonstruck Chocolate factory)
Portland, OR 97203

Free parking in the covered garage or on the street.
Enter the building throughout the garage.
Sign on the double doors inside the garage will direct you to our space.

For more information call Cherri at

or visit her blog.


Scrap Art, call for submissions

The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is planning an exhibition focusing on both historical and contemporary examples of scrap textile art, and they are seeking excellent examples of scrappy quilts and other forms of scrap textile art to be considered for their exhibition.

The exhibition will highlight examples from the Museum collection of historical scrappy quilts as well as document current trends in re-purposing of materials in the textile arts. They are reaching out to you, their supporters and community, to inquire if there are quilts you would like to share with them for consideration of loan or donation towards this exhibition. Historical pieces, quilts with an eclectic flair, textile art that features wide-ranging combinations of color and materials, and contemporary textile art that transcends the historical trend to include innovative re-purposing of recycled materials are especially desired.

Examples can be submitted in the following ways:

By Email:
Deborah Corsini, Curator, at or
Hulbert, Collections, at

An image of the object can be sent by email as a Jpeg. Please send an overall and a detail as well as any information on the history or artist. Put "Scrap Art" in subject of email.

Bring to the museum:
They will hold a call for Scrap Art at the museum on Tuesday afternoon

At time of posting we are unable to determine deadline for submissions. Please email Deborah or Joyce if you are interested.


UPDATE: Sister's Quilt Show

From Jen:
Hi everyone. We have had a great turn out for the Sister Quilt Show. There are 15 people that will be showing. If we can, some of those people may even be showing two! It's so great that we can gather together and have a big presences there!

We have extended the entry date to Monday 1-31-11. If you would like a chance for your quilt to be entered into the show, please email me at jencarltonbailly at gmail dot com. Selected quilts must be finished and images submitted no later than February 27th. Yes, the quilt show is not until July, however, programs will be made in March/April!

The following people have already been chosen to show their quilt(s). Congratulations to everyone!
Kaci Kyler
Marci Mersky


YouTube Tip of the week

Because there is always a 1,000 ways to do things: Quilt Binding
(really that's how it's done—genious!)

Sisters Quilt Show

Hi everyone, thanks for being patient as I gather information for you on the Sisters Quilt show. For those of you who are not familiar with the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Festival, please visit their site!

What I know for now:
1. The quilt must be at least 36 inches square, not to exceed 104"
2. It must be able to hang outside
3. The quilt must have some kind of fabric label on the back
4. Photos and a description of the quilt you'd like to enter are due by the third week of Feb.
5. The quilt must reflect modern quilting

I'll have more information at the beginning of the year when they have the form published.

A few things to note:
I need to know if you plan on entering ASAP. If there are not at least 10-12 entries, I will open it up nationally to The Modern Quilt Guild by the second week of January! You don't need to be done by this date, I just need to know that you plan on entering.

Keep in mind that this is a Modern quilt exhibit. I would ask that you reflect about what that means to you and how you translate that into your quilts. I'd also suggest reading through this post about "What Modern Quilting Means to You".

There will be a Sisters Exhibit Comity who will go over each entry and reserves the right to omit any quilt if the guidelines are not met. (see above with a list with more specifics being posted at the beginning of 2011)

We will need at least eight volunteers to be able to speak to modern quilting and answer any questions people have during the show. Please let me know if you are interested in this as well.

The next step is to email me at jencarltonbailly at gmail dot com letting me know if you are interested. If you have a photo of the quilt you would like to enter please send that as well. Also please email with any questions I have not answered in this post. Note however that response times may be delayed a few days due to the holidays!

Thanks everyone-I think this is an amazing opportunity for us as modern quilters!

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Happy endings and new beginnings

The last PMQG meeting of 2010 involved over 40 people, an abundance of quilts, a dazzling array of handmade delights, and sweet and savory treats for all!  From our first meeting on March 18 to our end-of-the-year celebration on December 16, it was a fun and eventful year.  And there is already so much to be excited about in 2011.  The fun, inspiration, and creativity just keep moving forward!
The meeting started with the introduction of visitors and three special announcements.
(1) Erin Gilday (Portland freelance writer) visited the meeting and is writing a feature on PMQG for The Quilt Life Magazine;
(2) We have been asked to put together a special exhibit for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in 2011, featuring quilts and any Project Modern winning quilts, which leads us to the most important announcement of all;
(3) Kristen MacDonald is a winner in Project Modern Challenge 1!  Congratulations, Kristen from everyone at PMQG!
Also of interest, out of 45 entries, 5 were from PMQG members! 
Here is Kristen's winning entry:

Kristen worked at Silver Creek Falls State Park last summer, and her quilt inspiration came driving through grass seed fields.  Her quilt is made of all Kona solids.  To read more about Kristen's work, see this post in which she was featured in Meet a Portland Modern Quilter and/or visit her blog.
 To read more and see more Project Modern Challenge 1 quilt winners and entries, go to the Project Modern Blog and/or the PM Challenge 1 Flickr group.
The next order of business was enjoying the wonderful treats that were brought by the members and admiring the amazing items made in the fabric bag swap.  At the previous meeting, participating members brought zip lock bags filled with fabric.  The bags were placed in a large bag, and each member then drew a bag of fabric to take home and make something fabulous to return to the original fabric owner.  The swapper could add one of her own fabrics and make anything desired with the fabrics.  The skill and creativity were astounding, and it was absolutely amazing to see how much fabric a determined fabriholic could fit in one small plastic bag!

 President, Jen Carlton Bailly, thanked the 2010 officers:
Marcia Mersky, Vice President
Cherri Langley, Program Chair
Tamara Madsen, Treasurer
Joan Callaway, Secretary
and announced the 2011 officers:
President,  Christina Cameli
Vice President, Michelle Marcus-Boyer
Program Chair, Megan Dye
Treasurer, Rachel Kerley
Secretary, Katie Sciarrino
Jen was presented with a gift certificate to Modern Domestic from the guild to thank her for her service as PMQG president.

And, of course, there was SHOW and TELL:

 Elsa shared three pillows in progress:

Tania has been busy making green bags:

Inspired by tree quilts shared at the last meeting, Sandora made these two quilts as gifts -- her first quilts!:

She has quilted five quilts and bound 7 for the group home, and every youth at Harkins House will get a quilt this year!  For a much better picture that shows Rachel's cool flame quilting, see her photo in the PMQG flickr group.
Cathy shared this baby quilt with Lizzie House geese and Mendocino fish -- her first!
She also made this Christmas Tree wall hanging, adapted from the Purl Bee Little Forest tutorial.

Katie shared her Star Brite quilt made for Project Modern Challenge 1.  According to Katie, this quilt is going on the couch, and she just happens to have a blue star tatoo.  To see the inspiration behind this quilt, check out her photo on the PM Challange 1 flickr group.

  Katie also shared this green bag, made from a t-shirt, using a plastic grocery bag as a pattern.

 Monica shared this Happy Holiday/Gnoma table topper, which was originally going to be a tree skirt.  And yes, she had her reasons. 

Traci shared this advent calendar (another first quilt!).

Christina shared her Golden Good quilt, which was made for Project Modern Challenge 1.  You can also see her quilt and her inspiration in the PM Challenge 1 flickr group.

Christina also made this bunting quilt.

And what would a PMQG meeting be without any giveaways?!?!
Monica donated Happy Holiday yardage to help with the green grocery bag challenge!

And Robert Kaufman donated a charm pack of Kona solids to every member!  There's no excuse not to make at least a couple of green grocery bags now!

Thank you so much, Happy Zombie and Robert Kaufman!

Happy Stitching, Portland Modern Quilters!  See you in 2011!