Quilt Show

PMQG at NW Quilting Expo 2015

NW Expo Portland Modern Quilt Guild is in rotation with the Seatlle MQG and Vancouver MQG, to have a special installment at the Northwest Quilting Expo and 2015 is our year!  The NW Quilting Expo runs September 24-26, 2015. More information on the show can be found here.

This year PMQG has space to show around 50 quilts! This will be a great opportunity to show off our group's modern quilting work, so please consider making/finishing a quilt for this show!

We will be taking entries from PMQG members starting June 15 through August 1, 2015 for the special PMQG quilt section.

  • To Enter: 1. Must be a PMQG member 2. Send an Email Entry for EACH quilt you enter to: gweiss23@gmail.com between June 15 - August 1, 2015 with PMQG at NWQE 2015 in the subject line. 3. Each member can enter up to (3) quilts. 4. Each email entry must include: a) Your first and last name b) Name of your quilt c) Width and Length of your quilt in inches d) 2 photos in .jpg, .png, or .gif format: One full quilt / One close-up - “photos should be no larger than 1000 pixels” e) A description of your quilt, and what (to you) makes it Modern. f) Contact phone # - this is optional since we’ll have your email address but it makes for quick communication if need be.

A jury will be chosen and they will pick the best 50 modern quilts from the submissions. Jury information will be posted here as soon as details are confirmed.

Entrants will be notified by August 5th.

If your quilt is chosen to be a part of the PMQG installment, a registration form will need to be submitted by August 15 to NWQE - no payment necessary - with "PMQG written in as the category. A 4” sleeve will need to be attached to the back (it can be temporary) for hanging.

You would deliver (by Sept 22) & pick up your own quilt from The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego or at A Common Thread in SW Portland.

If your quilt is NOT chosen for this PMQG installment, please enter it in the main part of the show! It’s always great to see PMQG member quilts throughout the show!

Time to start quilting if you haven’t already!

~CLOSED~ Submissions for PMQG Quilt Show--2014 Medallion Quilts

Happy New Year, guildies!

It's time to submit your 2014 Medallion Quilts for our PMQG Quilt Show that will hang at Modern Domestic in February.  Submissions are now closed, thank you.

To submit, please send the following to PMQGEvents@gmail.com with the subject "Medallion Quilt Submission" Submissions are now closed.

  • Name and Email Address
  • Completed Quilt Size
  • 1 picture of the entire quilt
  • 1 close-up picture

We are doing our best to include all the quilts submitted, but size restrictions may not allow that. Submit your quilts from now through Midnight, January 9th. Notifications will go out on January 12th if your quilt will be included in the show. If included, please bring your quilt to our January 15th meeting at St. Andrew Catholic Church. If unable to make the meeting, please send your quilt with a friend, or you can make later arrangements with quilt show coordinator Rachel to get the quilt to Modern Domestic.

Quilt! Knit! Stitch! 2014

 Did you attend the first ever Quilt! Knit! Stitch! show? There was so much to see! There were vendors selling everything from fabric and patterns to fancy irons and long arm machines. There were also classes, demos, raffles, giveaways, fashion shows, and a quilt show.

PMQG Members and fabric designers Mo Bedell and Violet Craft shared a beautiful booth and were selling fabric, embroidery patterns, and quilt patterns.

 On Thursday and Saturday of the show we had a couple mini meetups for PMQG members plus other PNW MQG members that were visiting. I got to meet a Fraser Valley member and the President of South Sound MQG! We took a couple pics of PMQG members too. Shoot, we're a good looking group!

PMQG had an exhibit of our mini quilts made with Michael Miller Glitz fabric. It was really fun to see them all next to each other and how everyone took the same fabric and interpreted it differently!

Anne Whiting

Megan Callahan

PMQG also participated in the Pacific Northwest  MQG Modern Metallic Challenge, with metallic fabrics from Robert Kaufman. Lots of PNW MQG guilds were represented in this exhibit!

By Terry, New Westminster, BC

By amy dame, Fraser Valley and Vancouver BC MQGs

Passage by Allison B, Seattle MQG

Asterisk by Deb Jeske, Seattle MQG

By Cath Hall, PMQG

There were lots of other exhibits besides the two we took part in. Kaffe Fassett quilts, machine quilter's exhibits, as well as Knit and Embroidery exhibits were on display. Here were a few more that caught my eye from various exhibits as I walked around.

This amazingly detailed quilt, by Karen Echmeier, was only about 15 inches square!
It listed the source as her book, Happy Villages.

This quilt by Kathy York used so many techniques, including bleaching, overdyeing, embroidery, reverse applique, and more. I had to stare at it, read the text, and then stare at it again to try and figure out how it was constructed.
Close up of Kathy York quilt to see some of the construction details

This wonky neon medallion by Rebecca Muir Mackellar is so fun!
I love the idea of a wonky medallion!

Fabric Depot had a fun game in their booth to play with felt squares and triangles to create a quilt block. I think I want to cut some felt up myself, it was really fun to work with these pieces and seems like a great way to brainstorm a new block! Check out #quiltblockparty on IG to see other entries from this activity!

PMQG Programs Coordinator Cath helped set up the show and she learned some great things about entering quilt shows that not everyone might know. Be sure to check out her blog post to see her tips.

See more pics on Instagram by checking these hashtags: #quiltknitstitch  #qks  #pnwmodernmetallic

And, it's not too early to start thinking about attending next year's Quilt! Knit! Stitch!

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Submissions & Volunteers

Are you going to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on July 12th? PMQG will have a special exhibit in the show and we need volunteers to be at our exhibit. We need 8 volunteers to work these shifts: 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, and 3-5.  There will be a meeting for volunteers 1-2 weeks before the show so you will know what the expectations are.

If you would like to sign up for a shift, please email Cris Pera: cp.artisan@gmail.com.


 There is also still time to enter a quilt in our exhibit! Submission has been extended to May 2.

Entries to be sent to Gail at gweiss23@gmail.com with: SISTERS SUBMISSION in the subject line by MAY 2!
Find entry requirements here
All entrants will be contacted on MAY 7 to let them know if they will be a part of the special exhibit.
Entrants chosen to be in the PMQG special exhibit MUST REGISTER WITH SISTERS by MAY 9th!! 

Sisters Quilt Show: PMQG Exhibit Deadline MAY 2

Sisters Quilt Show 2012

 *Updated deadlines below * 

PMQG will have a special exhibit at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show again this year. The show is on Saturday, July 12. We have room for 16 quilts (maybe more), which will be selected by a jury to best represent the range of modern quilting done by PMQG members.

To submit a quilt for the PMQG exhibit

Send an email to Gail Weiss (gweiss23@gmail.com) with PMQG SISTERS SUBMISSION in the subject line. Please include the following information:

1. Your Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email Address
4. Quilt Name
5. Quilt Size
6. Quilt Description
7. Three photos (one front / one back / one close-up); no bigger than 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels.

Entries for the PMQG exhibit are due by APRIL 23  May 2.

Note: only current PMQG members are eligible for inclusion in the special exhibit. (Not a member? Join us!)

Entrants will be notified whether their quilt has been selected by April 28  May 7.

If your quilt is selected for the PMQG exhibit:

  1. Register the quilt on the Sisters website by May 1 May 9, choosing the SPECIAL CATEGORY option. Here's all the information on how to register.
  2. Pay an entry fee of $5 to PMQG to cover shipping costs. 
  3. Drop-off locations and dates will be announced soon!  

If your quilt is not selected for the PMQG exhibit:

You can still be a part of the general quilt show! Just register on the Sisters site any time before June 1. 

Hope to see you--and your quilts--in Sisters! 

Finishing Details for Glitz Challenge

Here are the final things you will need to know to enter your Michael Miller Glitz mini quilts for the PMQG Quilt Knit Stitch exhibit.

  • Labeling Information: All quilts must be labeled: A cloth label with the title of the quilt and your name, address, and telephone number must be sewn on the back of the quilt. The information on the label can be applied with embroidery or any other permanent means.  Do not use a water-soluble pen.
  • Hanging sleeve information: All quilts must have a hanging sleeve. Find information on how to add a hanging sleeve here.
  • Please take pictures of your quilt before you submit them to PMQG. If your quilt is chosen, you will then need to fill out an online form with info about you/your quilt and include a picture.

Remember, these quilts are due at the April PMQG meeting.  If you cannot bring them to the April meeting or send them with a friend, you may hand them off to an officer at the April 26th Fabric Depot Sew Day (9am-9pm)
FYI, the Robert Kaufman Modern Metallic Quilts will have the same label and hanging requirements, but the entry process is different.

Full information about both challenges.

    PMQG at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2013

    Were you able to make it to Sisters last weekend for the annual outdoor quilt show? PMQG was there with 16 quilts! It was really fun to have our modern exhibit among all the other types of beautiful quilts at the show.

    One is the Loneliest Number by Kimberly Lumapas
    PMQG Group Quilt, Michael Miller Neon Challenge
    Red Cross Copycat by AnnMarie Cowley

    Urban Improv by Cris Pera

    Easy Street by Jeri Bonset

    Atomic Man Plus by Jen Carlton-Bailly

    Running Hot and Cold by Linda Nussbaum

    Sticks and Stones by Rachel Kerley

    Springs Strings by Gail Weiss

    Texturized by Katie Sciarrino

    Mabel Rose by Amber Wilson

    Feathered Nest by Christina Lane

    Kissy Fish by Nancy Kennedy

    Color Study by Petra Anderson

    And And And by Suzanne Gray

    Honeycomb Quilt by Chelle Casey-Stevenson

    Thanks to everyone who had a quilt in our exhibit this year! It's not too early to start thinking about what you might like to submit for next year!

    Sisters 2013 PMQG Special Exhibit

    To all PMQG members who would like to enter their quilts into the PMQG Special Exhibit at the 2013 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (Saturday July 13, 2013):

    PLEASE WAIT to register online with Sisters until we have chosen all the quilts that will be part of the exhibit ~ you will register between APRIL 15 - APRIL 30, 2013!
    Starting now, PMQG 2013 Paid Members can submit their quilt(s) to be juried to be a part of the PMQG Special Exhibit. Photos of Quilt Tops can be entered in lieu of a finished quilt.
    (Note: This is free, but if your quilt is chosen there will be an entry fee incurred for Sisters.)
    How to enter:
    Send an email with the following information
    THROUGH APRIL 5th to:
    (each member can enter 2 quilts / only 1 quilt per member will be chosen)
    Member Name:
    Quilt Name:
    Quilt Dimensions:
    100 Word Quilt description
    3 Photos of Quilt - Front / Back / Close-up 
    You will be notified by April 15th whether or not your quilt was chosen for the PMQG Special Exhibit.  

    If chosen for our special exhibit, register between APRIL 15 - APRIL 30, 2013.  When registering, please select "Portland Modern Guild"
    Deadline for PMQG Special Exhibit registration is MAY 1, 2013

    **If NOT chosen for the PMQG Special Exhibit, you can still enter the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  They accept up to 1,400 quilts, so while we may not have space in our section, it would be super amazing to see a smattering of PMQG member quilts all over Sisters!  When registering, please select "General Category"
    Deadline for Sisters registration is June 1, 2013
    Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Entry Criteria & Requirements:
    We are currently working out how and when the shipping and picking up of the quilts will take place.  More on that to come. Any questions?  Feel free to ask:  gweiss23@gmail.com

    Sisters 2012

    The day started without a cloud in the sky for the 37th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and there was a big turn out. The Portland Modern Quilt Guild was invited to have a Special Exhibit for the 2nd year in a row and here are our quilts. 

    We were also fortunate to meet up with the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild and the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild. There was a great turn out and we all cooled off with some watermelon and snacks. It seems like we were too busy socializing to take photos which really is a good sign.

    Then for the first time in 37 years the show was rained out. The volunteers for the show got down over 1200 quilts in a remarkably short amount of time with what I hear was a minimal 10-20 quilts getting wet. Susan and I were on duty and with the help of fellow members got the 30 or so quilts in our zone safely out of the rain just in time for a torrential downpour. 

    Thank you to our member volunteers that helped throughout the day and during the rain.
    Cris Pera, Jen Carlton-Bailly, Amber Wilson, Rachel Kerley, Kimberley Lumapas, Heather Davidson, Susan Beal, Gail Weiss, Michelle Freedman, Jill Collins, Jolene Knight, Michelle Marcus Boyer, and Marcia Mersky.

    Pétra and Heather

    Northwest Quilting Expo Details!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share the details on our Northwest Quilting Expo special exhibit at Portland Expo Center in September. We are one of only 3 guilds showing! We would love to have you submit your quilt - read on for all the info!

    The NWQE has invited PMQG to show up to 40 of our quilts in a special exhibit during the show September 20-22, with no size limitations or fees. We'd like to include a diverse mix of our guild members' modern quilts, and will give precedence to the quilts that haven't already shown at Sisters (although it is fine to submit quilts that have already shown in other exhibits!). To enter your quilt, please fill out the PMQG special exhibit application here (or email us at portlandmodernquiltguild@gmail.com) by August 16th. Quilts don't have to be finished when you apply, just by early September. Oh, and our third Michael Miller Cotton Couture challenge quilt, Linear, will be in this exhibit!

    We'll let everyone know if their quilts were accepted before or by August 17, when we will send in a list of our exhibit quilts to the organizers. There is a simple one-page form you can fill out on the NWQE website. There is no fee for non-juried quilts, and a $10 fee if you would like your quilt to be judged in competition (there are some great prizes!). The exhibit quilts will be collected in early/mid-September and we will get them back at the end of the month.

    We'll also be giving away a few show passes at the September PMQG meeting!

    Quick recap... 

    Find out more about the NWQE!

    Can't wait to see everyone's work! Please comment or email us with any questions.

    Stitches in Bloom

    Quilters from all over Oregon and southern Washington state represented at the Stitches in Bloom Quilt Show last weekend, filling up the garden's exhibition hall with nearly 200 quilts. The Studio Art Quilt Associates also debuted their special exhibit called "Oregon: State of Diversity II". I spent a few hours at the show, here's what I found interesting.

    In the modern category: 
    "Bamboo" by Helen Gabriel, Woodburn, quilted by Patricia Bates

    "Heather Ross Improv" by Lara Giles, Oak Grove

    close-up, "Heather Ross Improv" by Lara Giles, Oak Grove

    "Pinkescent" by Lisa Jorgensen, Silverton, quilted by Loretta Orsborn

    "I Love Paris" by Dawn White, Portland, quilted by Melissa Hoffman

    close-up, "I Love Paris" by Dawn White, Portland, quilted by Melissa Hoffman

    "Half Square Triangle" by Ellen Hemment, Rhodendron, quilted by Dennis Dries

    "Tequila Sunrise" by Cherly Jordan, Corvallis
    a little bit of political quilting:
    "Obama Orange" by Theresa Valentine, Corvalis
    close-up, "Obama Orange" by Theresa Valentine, Corvalis
    and amazing art quilts from SAQA:
    "Falling Water" by Carol Heist, Silverton

    close-up "Falling Water" by Carol Heist, Silverton
    "Aspen Storm Watch" by Gerrie Congdon, Portland

    "Sentinel" by Kathy Blondell, Portland
    "Fire" by Diane English, Eugene

    Modern Quilts requested for Stitches in Bloom quilt show

    Hey Oregonians, a show of quilty goodness is coming to Silverton right in the middle of winter, when we'll need it most. Mary, the show coordinator, says she would love to see lots of modern quilts in this January show.

    Read more and find links for quilt entry at the Oregon Garden website. The deadline is January, so there's plenty of time to finish up whatever you're working on now!

    A First Thursday event: PMQG Quilt Show at PNCA

    Portland Modern Quilt Guild's first quilt show opens this Thursday!

    We would love to see you at the the opening reception of our quilt show during First Thursday, April 7 from 5:30 -7:30 pm at Pacific Northwest College of Arts, 1241 NW Johnson St. The show will be displayed in Gallery 214; join us for snacks, drinks (including beer and wine) and quilt viewing but don't worry the dress code is casual.

    Modern Quilt show in April at PNCA

    Exciting news for PMQG members! The Continuing Education program at PNCA has offered to host a show of quilts from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild in Gallery 214 next month. The show will open on first Thursday, April 7th, so put that on your calendar right now!

    We are thrilled with this development and we hope that you will submit your modern quilts to be considered for the show.  There is space for up to 15 quilts in the show. The selection process will include both PMQG officers and PNCA staff and faculty. You have two weeks from today to submit your quilts for consideration.


    You may submit up to two quilts
    The maximum size of quilts is 80" wide by 90" tall
    The quilt design must be your own original work, not a pattern of someone else's
    To submit a quilt you must be a dues-paid member of PMQG. (If you're not 100% certain you've paid your dues, ask us)
    Quilts should be modern

    What does that mean? You tell us.

    It's clear that modern quilting is personal to each of us, and a bit hard to define. This show offers us an opportunity to share with each other and the community our thoughts on what modern quilting is right now. Be a part of this dialogue by sharing what modern quilting means to you, and discussing what makes your quilt "modern".

    Entries are due by midnight on Friday, March 18th.
    Please email your entry to portlandmodernquiltguild@gmail.com.
    If you are submitting two quilts, please email your entries for each quilt separately. 
    Your email should include:
    Your name
    Quilt name
    Quilt dimensions
    Your statement explaining what modern quilting means to you, and discussing what makes your quilt "modern".
    Up to three photos of your quilt. One photo should show the entire quilt. The other photos may show details or the back, as you desire.

    We expect to have final decisions made by March 30th at the latest. Quilts will be due to a designated PMQG contact or PNCA by April 2. We know this will be a tight turnaround for those that are chosen, but we will help you make it work. Cross our hearts. Your quilt will be on display until April 21st or 22nd.

    A big thank you to PNCA for kicking it up a notch! We are thrilled with the idea of sharing our members' fabulous work with the community. Ok everyone....get busy on those sumissions!