PMQG at 2015 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show


PMQG member quilts have been selected to show from 43 entries. Thank you for your participation. If your quilt was not chosen as part of the PMQG group, please consider entering it in the main show. Its always great to see PMQG member quilts throughout the show!  You can register through June 1 in the 2015 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. For those of you that were chosen please make sure to register also and get your quilts over to  Nancy at Just Quilting before the due dat so they can load them up and drive them to Sisters. 54  "Untitled" 60" x 72" By Rachel Kerley

46A  "Untitled" 34" x 48" By Kristan Collins

44  "PMQG Medallion" 59" x 59" By Ann Mari Cowley

41  "Untitled" 32" x 32" By Kelly Cole

34  "Facing East" By Heather Davidson

30A  "Untitled" 58" x 72" By Beth Wells

26  "Inchworm" 50" x 50" By Juline Bajada

25  "Untitled" 55" x 62" By Mary Fedoroff

24  "Down the Rabbit Hole" 72" x 72" By Jen Carlton Bailly

23  "Improv Rainbow Quilt" 48" x 48" By Cath Hall

HelixLarge  "Helix" 65" x 82" By Michel McDowell

14  "Family Trees" 57" x 63" By Barbara Sanders

12A  "Urban Chicken" By Claire Alexander

10A  "Medallion Quilt" 70" x 70" By Michael Ann Shreeve