Business Member Spotlight: Just Quilting

Thanks to Nancy Stovall's Just Quilting for being our business member for November! Nancy's here to tell us a little more about her longarm quilting business. 

The view from Nancy's studio

What makes your business special or different than others in your industry?
My education is in textiles, but my calling is quilting! I do this full-time, so whether your quilt is modern or traditional, new or vintage, big or small, I’ll make sure that the quilting I do is just right for your quilt.

How long have you been doing this?
I’ve been sewing since I was 8 years old, but I blame quilting on my mother-in-law, who got me started with a block-of-the-month project. I first rented time on a longarm machine in 1996 and started quilting full time in 2009. I’ve never looked back.

What’s the most important thing you’ve had to learn to do your job well?
There’s a balance between developing good technique and artistic expression. I look at each quilt as a collaboration between the piecer and myself. There are literal and figurative layers in a quilt; if I understand the story of the quilt, I'll know how best to quilt it.

What do you see as a significant aesthetic trend right now? 
One color trend I’m seeing is toward turqoise and red combinations, but I’m definitely seeing more modern quilt tops coming my way. New quilters love the aesthetic, and many traditional quilters are excited by the colors and patterns that are showing up (and showing off) in modern quilts. One of my customers is 87 years old, and she’s nuts about Tula Pink!

What’s the strangest thing a customer has ever asked you? 
A couple of years ago I was asked to quilt some experimental fabric for a military application. That’s all I can say!

Any new products or services you’d like to mention? 
I’m super excited to announce my longarm rental program! If you’ve ever wanted the longarm studio experience, you can rent time on “Manny.” A true longarm, this great free-motion machine has a 20-inch throat space and will accomodate quilts up to 12 feet wide. I’m giving PMQG members a discounted rate! 

Why do you like being a business member of PMQG? 
I love being a member, period. I’m constantly being inspired by the amazing creativity and sharing among this community. But being a business member gives me additional opportunities to introduce more people to longarm quilting. It’s my contribution.  

If you couldn’t work in the quilting/sewing world, what would your dream job be?
Lately it seems that if I’m not quilting, I’m taking pictures. Sometimes I’m taking pictures of quilting . . . but I love to travel, so if I had to give up quilting I’d probably be doing travel photography. Traveling to quilt shows? Yeah, that’d work.

Business Info: 
Just Quilting
2738 SE 15th Ave. 
Portland, OR 97202