OMG! It's Luke Haynes!

a conversation with Teresa Coates and Luke Haynes

If you haven't heard, Luke Haynes is coming to Portland this weekend to teach at Modern Domestic and to attend the PMQG meeting on Thursday (squee!) I have long been a fan of his work and was thrilled when he said he'd fill me in on a few things before he came to town. The guy has mad talent and a reputation for being one of the kindest folks you'll ever meet, plus he's a man who quilts--what's not to love?!
On my bed #3 2010
People can often recognize your work  on sight as a 'Luke Haynes' quilt. What do you think defines it as oh-so-you? 
Well, most of them have pictures of me on them, and who else in their right mind would do that?!
Plus I faked quilting for so many years that I have a bit of "folk art" to it. meaning that there is not so much base in tradition that I work from. 

What makes this whole quilting thing important to you? to the world? In other words, why do you do it? 
It's important to examine the objects and traditions that we take for granted. I am working on understanding the concepts and the process behind making quilts and behind the culture of objects. 

So what makes a guy start quilting people onto quilts? Or is that even how it started?
My first quilt was just an experiment. I was 'painting' with fabric. From there I continued to innovate method and image. and here I am today. 
What's the tool or technique you swear you would die if you couldn't use it anymore? 
If there were no more rotary blades I would be lost. I can't imagine using scissors to cut strips! 
Your work has been on display all over the country; where can I see it now? Next month?  
I am currently being shown at the Brooklyn Museum, the Katonah Museum and in Island Quilter on Vashon Island. 
If I were buying, what drink would you order? 

An Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade) in the afternoon and an Old Fashioned in the evening.
Is there a specific place on this planet that makes you especially happy? Like, "When I need to feel like all's right in the world, I go to..." 
Not presently. I am working on moving to LA so I am between homes currently. If I had to say I'd say my Honda, but that sounds a bit sad....maybe I should say Disney World or something.
What's the one thing you absolutely must do/see when you come to Portland?
Eat at Pok Pok. I love that place!!
Why should we all sign up for your class at Modern Domestic
Because I am doing it for fun. I don't teach but maybe once a year and I have a lot to share. Plus it will be a blast! We will get some projects made and learn some new methods and ideas. PLUS Pok Pok is a few blocks away!
Sign up for Luke's class online  and be sure to come to our meeting on Thursday to get a chance to meet him and see his amazing work in-person.
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