2013 Officers

I know it's hard to believe, but 2012 is coming to a close, faster than we think! In preparation, it's time to start planning and thinking about what PMQG will look like in 2013. In January, we will hand over the PMQG reins to a new group of seven leaders. As we grow, we think that it is essential that the board grows with us and adequately represents our diverse community of quilters. All officers work together on guild ideas and decisions, additionally each of our 2012 officers (Susan, Heather, Petra, Nancy, and Ale) had individual duties. Here is an overview of each role:


Board Officers


  • Arrange for, schedule and facilitate meetings for Monthly Officers meeting and PMQG meetings
  • Assist/Coordinate in planning monthly PMQG meetings
  • Assist in maintaining Blog, Google Docs, and Flickr, and regularly check and respond to guild email
  • Primary function is to see to the smooth running of the entire guild, including outreach and greeting of new members.
  • Qualifications: must feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people, organization is necessary and follow through is a must.

Vice President

  • The vice president will perform the duties of the president if needed, including running the monthly meeting. Assist in anyway needed.
  • Maintain all online media (blog, Flickr, etc)
  • Help prepare for board and guild meetings
  • Qualifications: experience blogging, comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people, organization and follow through is a must.



  • The primary duty of the PMQG secretary is to take notes during officer's meetings and communicate these to the officers. 
  • Take photos at all monthly meetings, coordinate Show and Tell, photograph the quits and post to the blog.
  • The secretary assists in maintaining the blog/website by contributing posts (e.g., writing about other guild events such as shop hops, sewing nights, charity work, etc)
  • Qualifications: good writing and organizational skills, plus attention to detail



  • Maintain bank and PayPal accounts including preparing monthly/quarterly statements for PMQG, pay bills in a timely manner, including expense reimbursements to members. 
  • Transfer funds between accounts as needed. 
  • Collect membership dues, respond to new and renewing members by sending out membership welcome and discount information to all members.
  • Update PayPal form on website for correct year and membership fee. 
  • Maintain membership data, create and send out laminated membership cards and welcome letters and emails.  
  • Help create and maintain PMQG's online documents and calendar.  
  • Qualifications: organizational ability, can handle collection of money and keep finances recorded and in order.

Program Coordinator

  • Supports the planning, implementation, maintenance, and documentation of PMQG’s public programs and educational initiatives.  
  • Develops monthly meeting presentations and recruits program participants
  • Actively works on future month's meetings: content, lectures, social events, sewing projects etc. 
  • Coordinate giveaways or further challenges or events based on the program presented
  • Contact businesses and manufacturers to donate to our guild 
  • Helps and oversees Special Event Organizer and Quilt Show Coordinator
  • Qualifications: can actively seek new information from people and groups, organizational ability, creativity for our meetings.

Board Members

Special Event Organizer (new!)

  • Organize and attend Sew Days, responsible of set-up and take-down of room
  • Coordinate mini-lessons/demos for Sew Days
  • Organize and plan special events (e.g. Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meet-up, and any additional outings)
  • Reports and works closely with Program Coordinator
  • Qualifications: organizational ability and can actively seek new information from people and groups

Quilt Show Coordinator (new!)

  • Manage the timeline, procurement and execution of quilt shows 
  • Organize all details for Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Pacific Northwest Quilt Expo, and any other shows that may arise. 
  • Reports and works closely with Program Coordinator
  • Qualifications: organizational ability

We are so excited to see who wants to be a part of the 2013 board! If you are interested, please email us at portlandmodernquiltguild at gmail dot com, by November 1st. Be sure to tell us which position you would most like to fill and why. 
Thanks so much for considering and we look forward to talking with you more!