Member Spotlight // Heather Lott

Meet Heather Lott! 

PMQG:  How long have you been making quilts? What was your learning process like?
Heather: I have been making quilts for about 11 years.  My friend and her mom liked to quilt, and I thought it was for "old ladies."  It wasn't until I walked into my friend's mom's studio that I changed my mind on that!  She had cabinets full of fabric, beautiful quilts on the walls, and shelves full of patterns.  My friend gave me her old sewing machine, her mom gave me some fabric, and a pattern, and I was on my way!!  I taught myself a lot from books, and after 5 years of quilting, I took my first quilting class at my church, where I learned how much I didn't know, and quickly got better.  I recommend taking classes for sure!  I now sew as much as possible, it's the best kind of therapy.
How long have you been a PMQG member and how did you find us? 
I joined the PMQG in 2010, a few months after it started up.  I heard about it through blogs.  
What inspires your designs/quilting?  
Mostly color.  I love playing with color.  
How many quilts do you think you've made in your life?  
I would say around 40 or 50?  
Why do you quilt? What do you enjoy most about it?  
I was a fine arts major in college, mostly working with oil paints.  When I had my kids, I stopped painting and drawing.  Having children in the house is not conducive to a relaxing environment.  I picked up cross stitching, and then quilting, which kids can't really harm.  I find working with fabrics is a lot like working with paints, you can mix colors, layouts, it's very creative.  It also has a rewarding and useful outcome.  AND, my quilting friends are the BEST!!  I love them.
What is your favorite quilt that you've made?  
That is a tough one!  Right now, today, my favorite one would be my Ocean Boardwalk Quilt.  It was the first time I've used all solids to make a quilt, and it was super fun.  Plus, the colors are blues and greens, my favorites.
Fill in the blank: "When I'm quilting, I feel _______"  
While you're quilting, what is the environment like?  
I sew in the master bedroom.  We have a small home, and our bedroom is big, so I set up a large table in there and have a nice view out the windows, I love it.  I keep my fabric stash in bins under our bed, and in the closet.  My husband says we'll have to use a ladder to get on the bed soon, as the fabric under there seems to be growing quickly...  Someday I'd love to have a dedicated room for it.
Lastly, could you give us a peek into your sewing space? It's always inspiring to see! Sure!  
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Instagram: oregonsurfers

Thanks for sharing with us, Heather!