Photography Presentation Recap

Amber and Paula did such a great job on their presentation this month we thought we'd share some excerpts of it here for you. I have added some of their insights along the way.

 Open shade is a photographers best friend and we have a lot of it! The shade line is right at the edge of shade whether it's under a tree or overhang you get the most indirect light there.

 Before you take that picture look around the border of your frame. You can avoid having a parked car in your photo, cup of coffee, or pet walking through the background. 

 They shared a lot about white balance and the above photos are examples of the change it can make in your photos. Find out about your cameras white balance and use it to your advantage!

Think about your background when taking your photographs. Which of the above it best for you?

Yes you can use your iphones and sometimes as in the case above, when your toddler gets to the design wall, its handy to have the photo as a reference!

Paula took the above photos using the timer on your camera so you don't always need a friend or husband to help out.

Thank you again Amber and Paula. I know I vowed to read my camera manual after your presentation I just have to find it first!