Cotton Couture Quilt

The quilt top is together and ready to go to Nancy!! The blocks in this one are by Bonnie, Linda, Kimberly, Heather, Rachel, Nancy, Melanie, Barbara, Katie, Jill, Monica, Anne, Cathy, Susan, and Michelle. 

When we collected all of the blocks last month we had 48 and they were all so impressive we wondered how Kathy could even choose? After sending her all of the photos it turns out she couldn't! She wanted us to choose instead. We didn't really feel like we could either and it put us in a difficult position but Susan and Heather came up with a great solution. The board met and we arranged the blocks into three different groups of 16 guided by style they are Improv, Graphic, and Linear. Next we photographed the groups and sent those to Kathy. She picked her favorite, Graphic, for Quilt Market. What has worked out so well is the other groups will be made into quilts of which one will be shown at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and the other will be shown at the Northwest Quilting Expo! As the other two quilts are finished we will share them with you as well so you can see your blocks in their finished quilts. All of the quilts will be sashed and binded by a group effort of Susan, Heather, Ale, Linda, myself and quilted by Nancy. Before Violet takes the quilt off to Market I'll get final photos to share on flickr. 
Thank you to everyone that contributed blocks they look so amazing together and I think they've inspired quiet a few new projects for people.