Dynamic Blogging

This is all the information From Heather's Presentation

Links to the Blog Design Resources:
Do you want to make your own Blog Buttons? Here is a quick step by step tutorial:
Go to pixlr.com / click open photo editor / click create new image / set the pixel width to the width of your sidebar / draw shapes & add text / save file as a jpeg
1. Open blogger - go to layout - click on "add a gadget"
2. Scroll to picture gadget, click there to open
3. A new window pops open, add feed address feed link from your feedburner account into the link box *(see below photo if you don't know about feedburner)
4. Upload your saved jpeg
5. Save!
*Feedburner is a devision of Google. It allows people to receive your blog updates via many reader platforms. Basically it allows your readers to subscribe. Go to feedburner.google.com, and follow the directions to burn your own feed. Once you have the feed address, link this into the link box as described above.