We want your 10 minute Tutorial

We are looking for PMQG members to share their knowledge, we are looking for your ten minute tutes.
The ten minute tutorial; It can be hard to know if your tutorial can be done in ten-minutes but don't worry too much - it is a general guideline, a way to say "this doesn't have to be crazy-involved". It can be hard to know if this object or technique you know is known by everybody but don't worry too much - sure some of us might already know it, but some of us might not. Our guild is made up of every skill level and doesn't it feel awesome to share a tidbit of knowledge. You might open eyes to an entirely new way of doing the same thing, since there is always more than one doing thingsā€¦. So far we have seen new methods of quilting with a walking foot (more than straight lines!), zipper installation (just one method, among many), pillow making, notebook covers, hand quilting, glue basting and surely I'm forgetting a few.
Do you have an idea for a ten-minute tute? Something you'd be willing to share with fellow PMQG members or even something that you'd love to learn in a ten-minute tutorial, please let us know by emailing portlandmodernquiltquild@gmail.com. At the moment we are hoping to hear about your favorite quick sewn gifts; but all ideas are welcome all the time and we will work with you to figure out the best time to present them.
Come on and speak-up, we are waiting to hear from you.