Charity Quilting

I really enjoyed my time quilting with others at various Quilts for Quakes Survivors bees. I keep meaning to start doing more charity quilting. And as luck would have it,there is another bee this week to work on quilts at the Portland Etsy Craft Party this Friday, June 10. The bee is just part of the event, so check out the details at I Heart Art: Portland or the Quilts for Quake Survivors blog. The quilt raffle and sale is still happening via Modern Domestic too.

When you start looking there our so many different opportunities to give your quilts for good. Some drives are prompted by natural disasters and others are ongoing. Another event prompting a quilt drive that caught my eye: Craft Hope's Project 13: quilts for tornado survivors (with a nearing deadline of June 15). Craft Hope seems like an interesting place to keep an eye on, as each charity project they take on has a timeline. Another group collecting quilts for Joplin Tornado victims is Ackfeld Manufacturing, they might also have a deadline but I'm not sure. A quick search turned up a couple people organizing quilt drives for those in Alabama: Bama Bound Quilts and Julia of Green Quilts. I've probably missed a few.

Closer to home, with a bit of googling, I found Quilts from Caring Hands (and their list of resources seems like a great start).
I know that several PMQG members regularly work on charity quilts (Mary Anne works on Quilts for Kids quilts; Rachel quilts with.. oh dear I forgot the organization's name...)

What charities are you quilting for?