Happy endings and new beginnings

The last PMQG meeting of 2010 involved over 40 people, an abundance of quilts, a dazzling array of handmade delights, and sweet and savory treats for all!  From our first meeting on March 18 to our end-of-the-year celebration on December 16, it was a fun and eventful year.  And there is already so much to be excited about in 2011.  The fun, inspiration, and creativity just keep moving forward!
The meeting started with the introduction of visitors and three special announcements.
(1) Erin Gilday (Portland freelance writer) visited the meeting and is writing a feature on PMQG for The Quilt Life Magazine;
(2) We have been asked to put together a special exhibit for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in 2011, featuring quilts and any Project Modern winning quilts, which leads us to the most important announcement of all;
(3) Kristen MacDonald is a winner in Project Modern Challenge 1!  Congratulations, Kristen from everyone at PMQG!
Also of interest, out of 45 entries, 5 were from PMQG members! 
Here is Kristen's winning entry:

Kristen worked at Silver Creek Falls State Park last summer, and her quilt inspiration came driving through grass seed fields.  Her quilt is made of all Kona solids.  To read more about Kristen's work, see this post in which she was featured in Meet a Portland Modern Quilter and/or visit her blog.
 To read more and see more Project Modern Challenge 1 quilt winners and entries, go to the Project Modern Blog and/or the PM Challenge 1 Flickr group.
The next order of business was enjoying the wonderful treats that were brought by the members and admiring the amazing items made in the fabric bag swap.  At the previous meeting, participating members brought zip lock bags filled with fabric.  The bags were placed in a large bag, and each member then drew a bag of fabric to take home and make something fabulous to return to the original fabric owner.  The swapper could add one of her own fabrics and make anything desired with the fabrics.  The skill and creativity were astounding, and it was absolutely amazing to see how much fabric a determined fabriholic could fit in one small plastic bag!

 President, Jen Carlton Bailly, thanked the 2010 officers:
Marcia Mersky, Vice President
Cherri Langley, Program Chair
Tamara Madsen, Treasurer
Joan Callaway, Secretary
and announced the 2011 officers:
President,  Christina Cameli
Vice President, Michelle Marcus-Boyer
Program Chair, Megan Dye
Treasurer, Rachel Kerley
Secretary, Katie Sciarrino
Jen was presented with a gift certificate to Modern Domestic from the guild to thank her for her service as PMQG president.

And, of course, there was SHOW and TELL:

 Elsa shared three pillows in progress:

Tania has been busy making green bags:

Inspired by tree quilts shared at the last meeting, Sandora made these two quilts as gifts -- her first quilts!:

She has quilted five quilts and bound 7 for the group home, and every youth at Harkins House will get a quilt this year!  For a much better picture that shows Rachel's cool flame quilting, see her photo in the PMQG flickr group.
Cathy shared this baby quilt with Lizzie House geese and Mendocino fish -- her first!
She also made this Christmas Tree wall hanging, adapted from the Purl Bee Little Forest tutorial.

Katie shared her Star Brite quilt made for Project Modern Challenge 1.  According to Katie, this quilt is going on the couch, and she just happens to have a blue star tatoo.  To see the inspiration behind this quilt, check out her photo on the PM Challange 1 flickr group.

  Katie also shared this green bag, made from a t-shirt, using a plastic grocery bag as a pattern.

 Monica shared this Happy Holiday/Gnoma table topper, which was originally going to be a tree skirt.  And yes, she had her reasons. 

Traci shared this advent calendar (another first quilt!).

Christina shared her Golden Good quilt, which was made for Project Modern Challenge 1.  You can also see her quilt and her inspiration in the PM Challenge 1 flickr group.

Christina also made this bunting quilt.

And what would a PMQG meeting be without any giveaways?!?!
Monica donated Happy Holiday yardage to help with the green grocery bag challenge!

And Robert Kaufman donated a charm pack of Kona solids to every member!  There's no excuse not to make at least a couple of green grocery bags now!

Thank you so much, Happy Zombie and Robert Kaufman!

Happy Stitching, Portland Modern Quilters!  See you in 2011!