Word Quilt Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Outspoken: Modern Quilts at PSU, January 14 - March 15.

Free and Open to the public.

Words, Unbound at the NW Quilters Upcoming Show on March 22nd and 23rd

All quilts in the portfolio will be hanging.

Let’s take this show on the road!

- 2017 Officers Tamara and Tania are organizing a special exhibit of all of the quilts created for PMQG Word Quilts - starting in Portland and then, hopefully, traveling on to other parts of the country

- If you have a completed  #PMQGSpeaks2017 quilt (or can have one finished by July 16th), contact Tamara and Tania through the Guild email portlandmodernquiltguild@gmail.com

In 2017 we participated in a year long quilt challenge, Word Quilts, led by Meredith Hobbs. Members were encouraged to choose their word, words or phrase -- motto, mantra, song lyrics, scripture, political statement -- and design a unique piece to reflect their own sensibilities.  Meredith introduced a new topic or technique at our monthly Guild meetings.

PMQG's theme for our Special Exhibit at the 2018 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is Words, Unbound

Completed Quilts from our Members:
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