Rebecca Ringquist

Approaching the technique of embroidery as a way of drawing, Rebecca Ringquist's stitched works explore issues of identity through thinly veiled metaphors utilizing old fashioned imagery and double entendres.  The colorful, abstract and often autobiographical works are both sculptural and painterly.  

We were very excited to have Rebecca present a lecture and trunk show on August 17th and a workshop -- Draw, Trace, Stitch! Freehand Machine Embroidery -- on August 19th.

Students warmed up by sketching on paper using blind contour techniques, drawing from both life and memory.  After an hour or so of fast drawings on paper, they moved on to translating these techniques into drawing with needle and thread. Once they had their images drawn on with thread, they did another round of blind drawings.  They then traded with the other students, and the assignment was to incorporate the other person's drawing into their work.  Here are some examples of the results:

It was a wonderful workshop with a fantastic teacher and the students really stretched themselves artistically and did some great work.