PMQG Library

To access our library, please visit this website.  


  • All current members may use the library.

  • Books are available to be checked out for one month (the period between general membership meetings).

  • Books that are not returned on time will be subject to a $1.00/month penalty charge.

  • A charge equal to a replacement charge will be made for any books that are lost.


  • The library website is

  • Search by any of the keywords listed on the home page, by title, or by author.

  • To search through the entire library, enter in “all.”

  • After locating a book, click on the request button and complete the form.

  • An email will be sent to the librarian notifying her that you’d like the book.

  • The librarian will bring the book to the next general membership meeting for you to pick up.

  • Requests for books should be submitted no later than one day prior to the meeting.

  • If you’d like the book sooner than the next meeting, put a note in the request email and the librarian will contact you to make other arrangments.

  • The borrowed books will be due at the following general meeting.

  • If it is not possible to return the book at the meeting, please email to make other arrangements.

  • Any book overdue, will incur a fine of $1.00/month.


If you have any books that you think would be of interest to the members of PMQG and would like to donate them to the library, please email the titles and authors to . The librarian will contact you to make arrangements for the donation.

PMQG Ruler Library