Christina Cameli
april 2019 Instructor

About Christina


She is a quilter who loves spreading excitement and confidence to other quilters!  She free-motion quilts on her own home machine. She loves teaching free-motion quilting so much that she wrote some books about it! They include First Steps to Free-Motion QuiltingStep-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting: Turn 9 Simple Shapes into 80+ Distinctive Designs, and Wedge Quilt Workshop.  

She's happiest working without patterns, using up scraps and not taking things too seriously. She's a single mom and quilting is just a part-time thing for her, in the "real" world she's a nurse-midwife and she loves her job.

She blogs when she can. She also likes using Instagram. Follow her there! Or if Facebook is your thing, here's her page!


Workshop on sale Thursday, February 28th at 6pm

Wedge Quilt Workshop with Christina Cameli

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2019, 10:00am-4:00pm
Location: Kenton Historic Firehouse, 8105 N Brandon Ave, Portland, OR
Cost: $75

Class description: 

Make a basic wedge quilt up to 56” square finished. Christina will introduce wedge newbies to the basics of using wedge rulers and guide students through design, cutting, piecing and construction decisions as they make their first dynamic wedge quilt. There are lots of opportunities to customize your wedge quilt into something one of a kind, and this class will cover those. Requires a 9 or 10 degree wedge ruler. Students should expect to spend the first part of the class on design and second half on piecing.

Supply List:

  • Small scissors

  • Rotary cutter and mat

  • Pins

  • Colored pencils for planning your design.

  • Ziplock or project bags to keep your cut wedges neat (optional)

  • Thread

  • Machine: remember power cord, bobbin and bobbin case, and foot pedal! Check that you have the right foot (a quarter inch foot is recommended).

  • Book: Wedge Quilt Workshop (optional, but you’ll be glad you did!)

  • Wedge ruler: I recommend bringing a wedge ruler but I will also have some to sell. For those who prefer working with patterns, I recommend Marilyn Doheny’s 25” 9 degree circle wedge ruler. (6 of the quilts in the book can be made with this ruler) or Phillips Fiber Art 10 degree wedge tool. (4 of the quilts in the book can be made with this ruler).  I also have a few patterns that use the Creative Grids 10 degree Triangle ruler. Any wedge ruler can be used for this class if you enjoy creating your own designs. If design possibilities might influence your decision: 10 degree rulers have potential for triangular and hexagonal arrangements, while 9 degree rulers have potential for octagonal arrangements. They both can create square arrangements. I feel that the 10 degree tool has more design potential, while the 9 degree tool is a little easier for those new to wedges. Go with your gut, we’ll have fun!

Fabric requirements:

Bring any fabric you want to play with. You can use your wedge ruler for big or small projects so there is no minimum or maximum.

If you are working with a 9-degree ruler you’ll need to cut 40 wedges to make a complete round. A 10-degree ruler needs 36 wedges for a whole round. 23” x 5” pieces will be required to cut the full wedge shape from these rulers. You can cut about 14 full size wedges from each 23” length of 42” wide fabric. Scraps can also be pieced together and wedges cut from the scrappy strip. Using less than the full size wedge will still create a round but will require less fabric.

For a straightforward approach for a bed-sized quilt, bring 6 or more coordinating fabrics. Bring a total of about 6 yards, in 2/3 yard to 1 yard cuts.

For a minimalist approach, bring 3 yards each of 2 colors.

For a scrappy approach just bring a big bag of scraps!

I recommend you choose a background fabric and bring 1 1/2 to 2 yards of that to give you lots of design possibilities as you piece your project.I also advise that you make a note of the color and fabric line your background fabric is from so you can obtain more if you need it as your design develops.


2018 Workshop with Christina Cameli

On October 8th, 2018 Christina taught her class, Free Motion Quilting, Textures and Grids.