Skinny mini swap info and signup

The skinny mini maker swap, Portland edition.

This swap has been inspired by the members of our guild not going to the spring sewing retreat. We are the ones staying home but still want to have some quilt fun, join us and let’s swap! This swap is only open to Portland Modern Quilt Guild members not because we don't love everyone but because we are an all volunteer run organization and can only give so much time to making the fun happen.

WHAT/SIZE: Every participant will make and receive a mini quilt.  The theme is “Portland” and it is the makers choice to interpret that theme in any way they choose. The size of this skinny mini is a max of 10” inches wide by 24” inches long. In true Portland fashion we are asking you to try and only use upcycled fabrics, to buy nothing to make this and encourage the use of alternative materials.

WHEN: Sign up’s start NOW through March 1st, 2019. You can choose to swap in person at the April sew day on April 6th at the Mill End Fabric store, or mail the package by April 8th, 2019. You will receive an email by March 3rd with the name of your swap partner.

WHERE: Everywhere that a PMQG member lives.

WHO: All mini quilt making lovers in our guild are welcome! We will do our best to partner you with someone of a similar skill level and will offer suggestions and reminders along the way. At this time the swap is only open to PMQG members. Check back in the future for more swap action!

WARNING: If you sign up for the swap and flake out on your swap partner your name will go on our list of banned swappers. If you cannot complete the mini swap challenge because life happens please send us an email, the sooner the better, and we will ask a swap fairy to take care of your partner and your name might not go on the banned list.

Please post your progress on Instagram using the hashtag #PDXskinnyminimaker so we can all see your lovely work and cheer each other on.