2017 Block of the Month

Full Quilt.jpg

The dazzling 2017 PMQG BOM Quilt - Stars Galore (designed and pieced by Anne Matlak and quilted by Denise Shoup of 47 Stitches) was raffled off at the December PMQG meeting. The winning raffle ticket belonged to Karen Lee, our 2017 Membership Coordinator. Congratulations, Karen!

Proceeds from the raffle went to the PMQG Charity Programs, Social Justice Sewing Academy, and Coffee Creek Quilters.

We thought long and hard about the features that would make a BOM quilt-along something that you’d enjoy.  We wanted blocks that would be pretty all on their own, and would also make a cohesive quilt.  We hoped that quilters of different levels could learn something new each month.  We looked for something that left room to show off your quilting. Most of all, we wanted to create a pattern that would allow for lots of creativity while being lots of fun to make.

We also know that life can sometimes get in the way of quilting, so we created a pattern that allows you to stop at any time and still create a table topper, a table runner, or perhaps a baby quilt. If you complete all 9 squares, you’ll have a 72” by 72” quilt.

We presented the last block at the September meeting, so that members had the whole Autumn to catch-up quilt, and then we had a big unveiling of the BOM quilts at our December meeting, pictured below.

Check out the blocks and quilts on social media at the hashtag #PMQG2017BOM


Some tips and tricks for easy sewing and trimming of the BOMs.


September - Block 9

Here’s the final block of our PMQG BOM project.  It’s been so exciting to watch your blocks and quilts take shape on Instagram under #pmqg2017bom. It will be even more exciting to see your finished tops and quilts hanging across all the walls at our December guild meeting.  You’ve got lots of time now to finish up and get ready to show and tell your wonderful work there.  We can’t wait!

August - Block 8

It’s the heart of summer, the hazy, lazy days of summer.  This month’s block, the penultimate block, fits right in with that.  It’s made with big, simple pieces and can be sewn up in no time at all - easy, peasy!


This month's block uses strip piecing to create a star that’s all your own, since you create the fabric.  You can make your strips any size you want.  The block also uses a simple applique circle that you can make any size you want and applique with any method you like.

June - Block 6

This month’s block is an exercise in working with small units and playing with color.  Take your time and have fun seeing different effects depending on the colors you pick.  It is more important than ever for this block to make sure you are using a ¼” seam allowance.  There are new links in the BOM Tips that explain how to do this.

May - Block 5

Due to popular request, this month’s star block includes a foundation piecing pattern.  It’s a simple block that provides a lot of dramatic impact.  When you finish this block, you’ll be more than half done ….. You’ll have enough blocks completed to start imagining just how beautiful your quilt is going to be!

April - Block 4

It’s Spring! Here’s a little break from the complex March block.  This month’s star is a simple design - you’ll have time to get your garden work done and complete your Block of the Month!

March - Block 3

Before starting this month’s block, which is a bit more complex than the others, make sure you are using a scant ¼” seam (about 1 thread short of a ¼”). Due to popular demand, the fabrics to use are now numbered on the diagrams in the sewing instructions. 

February - Block 2

This star includes some Split Half Square Triangles.  They can be a little tricky to trim.  See the new Tips to learn how  to easily trim them to size.  Enjoy playing with colors on this one to make it your own.

January - Block 1

This month's block is the first of nine star blocks.  We chose a fairly simple star to get you started.  Feel free to make it scrappy or to use a line of fabrics.  Make one, many, or none of the small star. If you don’t like the big star, change it! Leave out the center star and replace it with something fussy cut. Make it an entirely different star that you love.  Have fun!