BOOK and Webinar Reviews

book reviews


Rock Solid: 13 Stunning Quilts Made with Kona Cottons
Compiled by Karen M. Burns
Published by That Patchwork Place, an Imprint of Martingale, 2017

The contributors to this book present 13 quilts that clearly show how to use solids to make a strong impact.  Each quilter has chosen her own Kona Cotton color palette and used it in a very graphic manner. These very linear quilts run the gamut from stark to almost dizzying. Each quilt has plenty of space to showcase the quilting. There is something here for everyone to choose from.

The instructions are clear and well illustrated, with a color index for each quilt in the back of the book.  Look inside this book for a dose of pure color and joy.

*Review by Anne Matlak


Zen Chic Inspired: A Guide to Modern Quilt Design
By Brigitte Heitland
Published by That Patchwork Place, an Imprint of Martingale, 2017

This is a perfect read if you’re looking for new inspiration.  It is packed full of color and design information with photos that illustrate the unique design sensibility of the the author. Heitland’s quilts would look lovely in any home, but especially in any home with a modern, graphic aesthetic.

Instructions for twelve projects are included.  The projects focus on a variety of quilting techniques and skills. Each project has an explanation of why the author chose the colors and design, and clear instructions for making the project.  There is a pullout in the back of the book for the applique patterns used in several of the quilts.

This book shows you how to take a beautiful dream feeling and make it a reality.

* Review by Anne Matlak


webinar reviews


Tutorial Webinar: Planned and Unplanned: Design and Improv in Piecing
by melanie tuazon, published January 31, 2017

 Melanie Tuazon's MQG webinar, Planned and Unplanned, Design and Improv, was full of good information. Melanie talked about the different elements of a quilt that can be planned or improv (shape, process, palette, layout, composition and scale). She walked through several examples, illustrating what happens when you plan some of the elements ahead of time and let other elements be decided in the moment. If you're looking for inspiration, this is a good webinar to watch. She shared so many ideas and, especially if you're intimidated by improv, she made it feel very approachable. 

One thing to note when you are watching MQG webinars:  The presenter retains rights to their content, which means the MQG can only post the slide deck as part of the recording, so you won't be able to download the slides.  You might want to jot down the timestamp of any sections you think you'll want to go back to.  The MQG has told us that the presenters are usually more than happy to take emails or talk further about a topic, so you can also reach out to them directly.

*Review by Mims Copeland