Denyse Schmidt - December 2018

Speaking at our December 6th Guild Meeting

Workshops December 7th and 8th

WORKSHOPS GO ON SALE AUGUST 15TH AT 6PM, Reminder that only PMQG members can sign up for workshops at that time.  

Denyse Schmidt grew up in central Massachusetts in an area of old textile mill towns. Both her parents made things: her mom sewed a lot of her own clothes as well as clothes for four kids, and her dad made furniture. They were both very skilled—nothing ever looked homemade—and while they took pride in their work, they never considered themselves craftspeople or artists. They had careers (her dad was an engineer, her mom an educator with two masters degrees), but having grown up during the depression, they, like others of their generation, did not spend money if they could help it! When you needed something, you made it yourself.

Denyse started making things when she was little, and never stopped. She studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design, and had more than a few different careers over the years. She finally patched together her many eclectic experiences when she created her business ten years ago.



Free Wheeling Single Girl
Cost $110

Friday, December 7th, 10:00-4:00

Pattern is now included in the purchase of the workshop!  Templates/patterns will be delivered in December.  

Spend the day with Denyse Schmidt making your own version of her best selling Single Girl pattern.  Learn how to bypass the repetitive (and let’s face it- tedious) tracing and cutting of dozens of pattern pieces and transform the patchwork process into an in the moment creative flow.  This simple technique will have you stitching up Single Girl blocks quickly and easily, and change your perspective about any pattern! You’ll receive hands-on guidance and instruction in creating your Free-Wheeling Single Girl, including options for overall composition and finishing your project at home.  You will finish 2-5 blocks in a day-long workshop.


Cost:  $110

Saturday December 8th, 10:00-4:00

Pattern is now included in the purchase of the workshop!  Patterns will be delivered in December.

My Woven pattern is a tribute to historic coverlets made in New England mills near where I grew up, and woven by hand around the US.  The graphic effect of this pattern can be soften or accentuated by fabric choices- choose two solid fabrics close in hue or value for a quieter effect, or strong complimentary colors for maximum impact.  You can also make this pattern in a range of print fabrics. Your choice! In this workshop I’ll guide you through color or fabric choice/placement and show you the most efficient methods of making the sections that compose Woven.  You won't complete your quilt top in the workshop, but you’ll be well on your way to doing so once you get home.