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The Guild has grown to nearly 300 members, and the 2017 Board felt that, in order to run the Guild effectively, some changes should be made to the composition of the Board. Members approved these changes when they voted on revised Bylaws in October.  They also elected the 2018 officers, who are:

  • 2018 President: Kimberly Buckley
    • Primary contact for the Guild
      • Manages Guild email account
    • Runs Board meetings and monthly meetings
      • Prepares slideshows for monthly meetings
      • Organizes and manages meeting set up
    • Oversees and consults on all aspects of Guild management
    • Liaises with Volunteer Coordinators
    • In consultation with Treasurer, files Guild tax returns and State charitable organization filings
    • Organizes and manages Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Special Exhibit
Tamara King, 2017 President

Tamara King,
2017 President

"I like organizing people and things, so I've really enjoyed being President this year.  Running the meetings is so fun, as I feel like I'm feeding off the wonderful creative energy in the room.  I've loved getting to know our members better and planning activities for the guild.  Our guild is amazing and it's been a privilege to lead it this year."
  • 2018 Vice President for Membership and Procurement: Judy Livingston
    • Processes memberships and maintains PMQG and MQG rosters
    • Recruits for and manages relationships with business members and business sponsors
    • Manages the procurement program
  • 2018 Vice President for Technology and Social Media: Erin Case
    • Creates content for the website and keeps the website up to date
    • Creates content for and manages all Guild social media
    • With President, manages communication with Guild members
    • Manages technology needs for meetings and workshops
Tania Johnston, 2017 Vice President

Tania Johnston,
2017 Vice President

"As Vice President this year, I have really enjoyed being involved in the membership drive. Welcoming members at each meeting has been a great way to get to know the people in our community, particularly the new members. It has been fun to the see our guild grow and to feel the creative buzz at the meetings.  I have worked hard with the President to keep the website up-to-date and to get meeting announcements and recaps out quickly in order to help keep members informed about all the fun events and activities. The website tools and email management system are fairly straightforward to use, but it helps to be a little comfortable with technology."
  • 2018 Programs Coordinator for Meetings: Susan Beal
    • With the Board, plans the programs for monthly meetings
    • Recruits guest speakers and manages all speaker logistics
    • Assists President with planning and running meetings
    • Organizes and manages Quilt Showcase
Nicole Howe, 2017 Programs Co-Coordinator

Nicole Howe, 2017 Programs Co-Coordinator

" I loved getting the chance to schedule the speakers and plan the events. From lectures to workshops, it was a big creative puzzle that we assembled for all the members to enjoy. Maria and I worked together to share the work and the fun; this would be a great position for two friends to share. I know we definitely had a blast together. If you like planning and being creative, this is definitely the job for you!”
  • 2018 Programs Coordinator for Workshops: MereAnn Reid
    • With the Board, plans workshops
    • Recruits workshop teachers and manages all teacher and venue logistics
    • Manages workshop administration
Maria Cardenas, 2017 Programs Co-Coordinator

Maria Cardenas, 2017 Programs Co-Coordinator

 "Nicole and I called ourselves the dynamic duo because our skills and abilities complimented each other. We worked together to make a big, complicated task much easier and a lot more fun!  As the Programming Coordinators, we were able to welcome each speaker and teacher to the Portland community. Not only did we get to host amazing quilters, we were also able to introduce our guests to our beautiful city and our amazing guild members.” 
  • 2018 Secretary: Michelle Freedman
    • Prepares Board Agendas and Meeting Minutes
    • Drafts meeting recap blog posts
    • Organizes and manages Guild retreats
    • Manages meeting show and tell
    • Edits and uploads show and tell photos to Guild Flickr account
Anne Matlak, 2017 Secretary

Anne Matlak,
2017 Secretary

 "As Secretary this year, I’ve found it satisfying to meet so many more of the creative people in our guild. I have enjoyed making new members feel more welcome at the meetings, the Hand Sew Happy Hour, Sew Day, the retreat, and other small groups. The energy in our guild is incredible and it has sparked me to be more creative too. Keeping track of the minutes and show and tell allows me to be very aware of and take part in all the activities available. My very favorite thing this year has been creating the BOM and learning to write and create the graphics for the patterns."
  • 2018 Treasurer: Barbara Trepiccione
    • Prepares and manages Guild budget for calendar year
    • Performs all Guild accounting functions and maintains Guild financial records
    • Prepares annual Statements of Financial Position for the Guild
    • Assists the President with preparation of Guild tax returns and State charitable organization filings
Betty Colburn, 2017 Treasurer

Betty Colburn, 2017 Treasurer

"Meeting most members of PMQG is the best part of being on the Board for me. Treasurer is a great job for someone who enjoys attention to detail and has a head for numbers. It is a mostly behind the scenes role, except for sitting at the Membership Table at monthly meetings. You work closely with the VP for Membership as well as the President. Some experience with financial technology and familiarity with accounting conventions is useful but can be learned.

A PMQG Procedure Manual has been created for future Boards to use as a reference guide.  The manual will be available to the 2018 Board.  The 2018 Board will have the opportunity to shadow the 2017 Board in November and December 2017, and the 2017 Board members will be available to shadow the 2018 Board as needed in January and February 2018.

volunteer coordinators

The 2017 Board was the first to work with official Volunteer Coordinators (a very good initiative of the 2016 Board).  The Board has refined the list of Volunteer Coordinator positions and organized it according to approximate time commitment,  with the positions requiring a  larger commitment nearer the top of the below list.  Some of the positions already have volunteers for 2018, as noted.

  • Charity Quilts (2018 Volunteer: Cath Hall)
    • Responsible for the PMQG Charity Quilt Program and organizes, manages and runs Charity Sew Days
  • Meeting Raffle Table (2018 Volunteer: Megan Woolery)
    • Assists the Vice President with compiling raffle prizes, and is responsible for the Raffle Table at the monthly meetings
  • QuiltCon Charity Quilt (2018 Volunteer: AnnMarie Cowley)
    • Responsible for all aspects of the PMQG QuiltCon Charity Quilt
  • Quilt Exhibits (2018 Volunteers: Nancy Raymond Diaz and Meredith Hobbs)
    • Assists the Board with the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Special Exhibit, the Quilt Showcase and any other quilt exhibits PMQG participates in
  • UFO Club (2018 Volunteer: Jennie McKee)
    • Organizes, manages and administers the UFO Club and is responsible for the UFO Table at the monthly meetings
  • Retreats (2018 Volunteer: Peg Farrell)
    • Assists the Secretary in organizing and managing Guild retreats
  • New Members and Guests Welcome Program (*could be a shared position)
    • Recruits and manages Meeting Hostesses and is responsible for the New Members and Guests Table at the monthly meetings
  • Small Quilt Groups (2018 volunteer: Linda Cadzow)
  • Open Sew Day (2018 Volunteer: Michele Nichols and _______?_______)
    • Sets up monthly Open Sew Day at Fabric Depot prior to 10 am opening
    • Breaks down and closes Open Sew Day by 8 pm closing
  • Meeting Location (2018 Volunteer: Joy Ruplinger)
    • Manages the meeting room and is responsible for the Refreshments Table
  • Meeting Logistics (2018 Volunteers: Adam Bidema and Eric Duncan)
    • Organizes and manages meeting setup and breakdown; recruits holders and folders for show and tell and speaker trunk shows
  • PMQG Photographer (2018 Volunteer: Matthew Stovall)
    • Photographs monthly meeting, especially show and tell; may photograph other guild events if requested
  • Charity Table (2018 volunteers: Patty Turner and ______?_____)
    • In coordination with the Charity Quilts Coordinator, responsible for the Charity Table at the monthly meetings
  • Free Tables (2018 volunteers: Marjorie Elliott and _____?_____)
    • Responsible for the Free Tables at the monthly meetings and for transporting and donating unclaimed items to charity

Please email the Guild at if you would like to volunteer for one of the open Volunteer Coordinator positions.